What is the Most Popular Color For Front Door?

If you’re planning to sell your home, the color of your front door may impact your selling price. A recent survey by Zillow found that prospective buyers are willing to pay a premium for homes with a desirable front door color. The most popular front door colors include red, slate blue, and black, but a rich green or a saturated purple also appeal to buyers.

The most popular colors for doors vary by region, but there are some guidelines to consider when choosing the right hue for your entranceway. Look for a door that complements the trim and shutters on your home, as well as the overall style of your property. If you’re going with a bright, bold shade, choose a coordinating wreath to highlight your new color.

In general, neutral colors like greys and browns work with many types of houses. If you’re concerned about your front door clashing with the rest of your house, consider a darker hue such as burgundy, forest green, or eggplant. These shades will look best on shingle or log cabin styles, as well as stately Tudors and other period homes.

A rich navy blue adds a touch of elegance to any type of home. This shade can be complemented with a coordinating wreath or with brushed bronze hardware for an updated classic look. Purple is an unexpected and fun choice for a front door, but it’s important to fully integrate this hue with the rest of your exterior, including the garden and surrounding foliage.

Black is another front-door staple, as it looks crisp and sophisticated and can last for years without showing signs of wear. It’s especially popular for front doors on modern and contemporary properties. It also works well with a range of paint finishes, from glossy to matte to satin.

When it comes to color psychology, your front door may reveal more about you than you might think. A red door indicates power and confidence, while a black one symbolizes order and authority.

While most homeowners stick to neutrals for their doors, there is nothing wrong with a splash of color on this highly visible feature. A front door is smaller than an entire room, so it can be a great opportunity to experiment with a vibrant hue that will draw attention and make a statement.

Brown is a warm neutral that looks great with white or any other earthy tone. It can add a rustic charm to a country farmhouse, or it can be used to highlight the wood features of a hacienda or log cabin. Brown is also a popular color in feng shui, as it connects you with the earth element and promotes wisdom and depth.

A rich, dark burgundy can bring warmth and elegance to any style of home, from a country cottage to a colonial revival. It pairs nicely with wrought-iron details and can also look striking on a brick home. This shade is also a good choice if you want to highlight the windows on your entryway and draw attention to the unique features of your design.