What is the Highest Paying Job in Economics?

What is the highest paying job in economics?

The highest-paying jobs for economics majors are in business and finance. These careers are lucrative, and they usually require a bachelor’s degree or higher to get started. They also allow economics majors to earn a high salary as they gain experience and become more skilled in the field.

Financial Managers

This is a highly rewarding career for those with an economics degree because they work closely with clients to help them manage their money and investments. The job involves examining the company’s finances, keeping track of revenues and expenses, and ensuring that companies are on track to achieve long-term goals. This type of job requires strong critical-thinking skills, as well as good communication and analysis abilities.


Actuaries are experts in risk management and are highly paid for their expertise. They work with insurance companies and other organizations to analyze the potential costs of different events and determine what the best course of action is. They use a variety of mathematical and statistical techniques to perform their job.

Product Managers

A lot of businesses are looking for skilled product managers to manage the development and launch of new products. The role involves creating strategies that will ensure the company can sell its products in a competitive market. It requires the ability to create a vision for a product and then implement it.

Economics majors are also well suited for this position, as they will have a detailed understanding of the sales and marketing process. This includes researching the competition, finding out what consumers want, and developing a strategy for the new product to succeed in the marketplace.


The BLS reported that the average annual salary for economists was $108,350 in 2020. These social scientists use their knowledge of the economy to predict future trends and inform public policy.

Those who work as economists are paid well for their knowledge, and they often find themselves in positions of great influence in the public and private sectors. They are able to explain complex issues in simple terms, and they can be instrumental in the success of companies and governments.

Data Scientists

A growing number of businesses are now hiring economists to conduct research and extrapolate trends from data. This is because economists are able to analyze and interpret data, which means they can help organizations make better decisions about their businesses and their employees.

In fact, data scientists who are backed by an economics background can be hired to develop predictive models that will help their organizations make better decisions about the future. They can also assist with the design of a company’s financial model and help the company understand how their decisions will affect their bottom line.

Other high-paying jobs for economics majors include financial consultants and brokers. These roles involve connecting people who want to buy and sell financial securities, and earning commission for doing so. A broker needs excellent communication and analytical skills, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the different markets and securities.