What is the Hardest AP Class to Pass?

Which AP classes are the hardest? The answer depends on the teacher, subject, and student. The hardest AP class is typically Physics C-E&M. This course has the highest time requirement of any AP, but also has the highest pass rate among students who persist. The AP exam involves a number of tricky applications of algebra. However, it is one of the most popular AP classes. Listed below are some of the hardest AP classes to pass.

Art history is the 15th hardest AP class. It is a three-hour exam that includes free-response questions and MCQs. The exam covers the art of various cultures, ranging from prehistoric to modern times. Almost half of students pass the exam. However, the class is very demanding, so a well-prepared student can easily pass. While this may seem like an unattainable goal, it is definitely possible to get through the AP exam.

The hardest AP classes may not be the most challenging, but they’re not the easiest either. Some students “get it” fast, while others must sweat through a class to figure out the concepts. AP Stats, for example, has an unbalanced distribution between the two groups. Although the average score for each group was nearly the same, there were students in the AP Seminar group who struggled with the subject.

AP US History is another difficult course. This subject covers more than 500 years of history and requires an intense close reading and discussion of the book. Questions are difficult, and students who can handle challenging texts, complex essays, and probing multiple-choice questions should be able to pass this class. Further information about the AP class is available on College Board’s website. Once you have mastered the material in AP US History, you’ll be ready for the rest of your AP classes.

The most difficult AP class for most students is the one requiring the lowest background knowledge. However, you can still pass it with dedicated study and the help of a tutor. It’s also important to note that taking too many hard classes in a semester can lead to a student’s stress levels soaring. And remember that this is a common problem. It’s also worth noting that taking too many difficult AP classes is not recommended for the first semester.

Another difficult AP class is AP Environmental Science. Some teachers don’t know the material well. It’s best to talk to teachers and the guidance counselor about their AP class reputation. Check the reputation of the school and the national and local AP classes in the area. If the teachers are well-qualified, the AP class should be easier for you. If you’re not sure, take a class that you can handle before you take the AP exam.

AP US history (APUSH) is another difficult AP class. Passing this exam requires students to have strong reading and writing skills. They will need to analyze complex texts, interpret them, and argue for their interpretation. The AP exam is three hours and fifteen minutes long. The pass rate for English literature is 60.1%, while the pass rate for AP World History and AP European History is 52.7%.