What is the Going Rate for a Dog Walker?

Dog walkers are a great way to keep your furry friend active and happy when you can’t be there for them. However, they also come with a price tag, and you’ll need to know how much to pay before hiring a dog walker to care for your pet.

The Going Rate for a Dog Walker

As a dog walker, your salary depends on your skill set and the amount of time you spend working for your business. It also depends on the type of services you offer and how you price them.

You can start by deciding what type of services you want to provide your clients, whether they’re just walking their dogs or pet sitting, boarding, grooming, or more. If you’re able to offer a range of options, this will help your business stand out from the competition and make it easier for new clients to choose you over the competition.

Depending on your location, your skills, and how much work you need to do, your salary can range from $15 to $40 per hour. This includes the value of your time and any travel expenses you may have to cover.

If you want to charge more, consider offering a variety of additional services that you can add to your walks or dog sitting. These services might include playing with your pup, checking on their home while you’re away, or even giving them medications if necessary.

These extras can help you generate revenue if you charge a premium for them, or they can be an attractive perk for your customers who don’t need your full dog walking service. Nevertheless, be sure to weigh the benefits and costs before offering any services so you can be confident that your prices are competitive.

Pricing your Services

The going rate for a dog walker can vary significantly from one area to another. For example, a walker in Pompano Beach, Florida, typically charges $17 for a single dog and $20 for a multi-dog household. Likewise, walkers with specialty skills such as caring for senior dogs or dog training can often charge more than the average dog walker.

A dog walker’s rates can vary by day of the week, distance from your home, and the number of dogs you need to walk. For instance, a dog walker in Los Angeles can charge $30 to $40 for a walk on a Monday, $27 to $31 for a walk on a Tuesday, and $25 to $35 for a walk on a Friday.

Some dog walkers will also offer discounts on “packaged” services, such as multiple walks in a day or several dogs walked together. Be sure to clearly communicate your needs when you’re requesting a quote, including how many times you need the dog walker to come and how far you want them to walk.

The going rate for a dog walker might vary greatly from city to city, but it’s a good idea to check online sites like ZipRecruiter and Nextdoor to see what the market is like in your area. Then, you can decide how much you want to charge and how to position yourself as the best dog walker for your neighborhood.