What Is the Calmest Chicken Breed?

What is the calmest chicken breed?

Whether you’re a beginner chicken-keeper or an experienced small flock keeper, the right breed for you is important. A docile, calm breed will be easy to train and will thrive in your backyard. In addition, a docile breed of chicken will be more likely to get along with other animals and children.

There are many different breeds of chickens, but a few breeds stand out for their calm temperaments. If you’re looking for a bird that will be calm, friendly, and enjoy human company, check out the following breeds:

Silkie Bantam

The silkie bantam is an interesting and cute breed of chicken with a personality all its own. Originating from China, silkies are small roosters and hens that weigh less than 22 ounces each. These birds are incredibly lightweight and very sweet, making them great pets or small flock companions.

They are also very good layers, laying around four eggs per week in their light brown color. While they’re not as large or strong as some other breeds, silkies make excellent pets and can be very entertaining to watch.

Scots Dumpies

The Scots Dumpy is a rare breed of chicken that dates back to at least 700 years in Scotland. They are a dwarfed variety of chicken that weighs less than six pounds and waddles as they walk.

These adorable little birds love to play and are great companions for kids. They’re very docile and will tolerate being handled, but they may not like being touched too much.

Easter Egger

The Easter Egger is another of the dual-purpose breeds that’s known for their ability to lay very large, blue eggs. The Easter Egger is a great option for people who are interested in keeping chickens but don’t have the space to accommodate a larger flock.

They are good for beginners because they’re very hardy and can be raised outdoors as well as in the backyard. Their high production rates and good quality eggs make them a popular choice for many people.

Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red was developed in the United States and New England during the 1800s, and they are a popular choice for both beginners and experienced small flock keepers. They’re cold-hardy and are reliable producers of delicious eggs (averaging about 4 each week).


The Cochin chicken was developed in America in the 1870s, and it is a dual-purpose chicken that will lay both eggs and meat. They are a low-maintenance, happy breed that will grow to be about 10 pounds and will lay up to 280 eggs a year.

A docile, happy, and well-behaved breed, the Cochin is a great option for those looking for a chicken that’s a joy to own and raise. They’re a wonderful choice for people with young children and are also a great alternative to keeping a full-size coop.


The Speckledy is a modern hybrid breed that originated from a cross between the Rhode Island Red and the Marans rooster. The resulting chickens are elegant in build, and they have a beautiful feather pattern.