What Is the Best Upholstery Cleaner For Cars?

Upholstery cleaners are more than just miracle workers – transforming grime into dust with ease while helping keep your car’s interior in showroom condition.

Before using any product, always read and follow manufacturer directions as well as conduct a colorfastness spot test in an inconspicuous area to test colorfastness before proceeding with its use. In case of stubborn stains, additional applications may be necessary.


Though it might be tempting to purchase cheap car upholstery cleaners, quality products designed specifically for vehicle interiors and fabrics are best. By doing so, you reduce your chances of patches or residue problems while being confident that it’s safe for fabric upholstery, plastic components, or rubber components in your vehicle.

If you need an effective spray-on product to rid your car’s interior of stubborn stains, look no further than Armor All FRESH FX Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner. Formulated specifically to eradicate tough stains on carpets, upholstery, vinyl leather and soft-touch plastic surfaces such as vinyl leather soft touch plastics the Armor All FRESH FX Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner can easily eliminate stubborn spots on surfaces such as vinyl leather soft touch plastics with ease and can even provide stain repellant protection in between cleaning sessions for future cleaning needs!

As opposed to other car upholstery cleaners, this water-based formula is non-toxic and free from dyes or perfumes, making it perfect for use on most upholstered materials such as seats, floor mats and door panels. Biotechnology helps break down dirt without harming delicate materials or causing color fade; additionally, this product can be diluted at various strengths to tackle different kinds of stains effectively.

Sonax Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner is another spray-on car upholstery cleaner designed to efficiently eliminate many common types of stains from cloth car seats, floor mats and fabric door panels. Conveniently packaged in a trigger spray bottle for ease of use, its formula can be applied directly onto surfaces then wiped clean using damp cloth – saving both time and effort in terms of cleaning time and effort!

This rinse-free fabric cleaner is suitable for most upholstery materials, including cotton, polyester and microfiber. It effectively eliminates oil-based stains as well as unpleasant odors while featuring an optical brightener to restore fabric seats back to newness – an excellent solution for mud, dirt, coffee soda and food stains!

While not the most powerful on our list, this product delivers great results at an economical price. Its innovative formula breaks down stains quickly and lifts them away for deep cleaning in just minutes – ideal for fabrics! Additionally, no harsh chemicals are included – perfect for people concerned with protecting the environment!


An effective non-toxic car upholstery cleaner is essential to keeping your car looking its best and smelling great, as well as safeguarding both family health and the environment. While harsh chemicals may do an impressive job of eliminating grime, grease, and stains quickly, they may damage fabrics causing irreparable harm over time – it is always wiser to select non-toxic solutions which are water based, alcohol free, ammonia free, and pH balanced for best results.

Your upholstery fabric should have a label with a cleaning code; if this label reads W, water-based cleaners such as vinegar or baking soda may be combined safely for use. If the label reads S, solvent cleaners can be tested in an inconspicuous area before applying it throughout your seat. Finally, if it reads X, all cleaners must be avoided and professional services should be contacted immediately.

Chemical Guys Foaming Citrus Fabric Cleaner is an all-in-one fabric cleaner solution, suitable for multiple fabrics. This spray formula can be adjusted to your cleaning needs by diluting as you see fit, making it effective on new and old stains alike. With its customizable sprayer you can select between a wide mist for general cleaning or narrow stream for targeted spots; plus it comes without harsh chemicals or color fading deterrents that might hamper its effectiveness! It’s simple and straightforward!

Armor All’s 3-in-1 carpet and upholstery cleaner is another top pick, featuring non-toxic formula that lifts away coffee, food, and pet stains while eliminating odors to leave behind a fresh new car scent. Plus, its foaming formula penetrates deep into stains for superior cleaning action! Additionally, this product is safe to use across various automotive surfaces.

Though professional auto detailing services offer the best solution to get your car looking like new, DIY upholstery cleaning can still be worthwhile investment for car owners. Many inexpensive products exist that can help maintain the appearance of your interior for many years to come – simply invest in high quality, non-toxic cleaners to restore it back to like new condition!


If your car features fabric upholstery, finding a cleaner that can tackle tough stains without leaving behind color-fading residue can be challenging. Stain-fighting cleaners contain solvents or surfactants which penetrate dirt to dissolve it before washing away with clean water; some also include fabric enhancers to restore its look and feel like new-car fabrics; while these may work better for certain stains than others they make for an excellent way to tackle grease and grime on most cars.

If your car features leather seats, specialized conditioner and cleaner products may be necessary to keep them looking their best. An aggressive formula such as solvent or acetone may damage its surface and lead to cracking or discoloration; an oxidizing cleaner or nanoparticle odor eliminator might be more suitable options.

Most cleaners come in various forms, from sprays and liquids to microfiber cloth cleaners. While some need dilution with water or use of a microfiber cloth for use directly from their bottles, others can be applied directly from their bottle for direct application to hard-to-reach spots using attachments like crevice tools.

The ideal car upholstery cleaners are non-toxic, alcohol and ammonia free products with an optimal pH balance that are suitable for oil, grease, coffee and soda spills, food stains and pet accidents. Furthermore, these types of cleaners tend to be less harsh than typical DIY deep cleaning chemicals while leaving no residual messes behind.

While it can be tempting to buy the least-expensive cleaner available, take into account how long and type of fabric is in the upholstery of your vehicle before making your decision. Cheaper options tend to only work with certain materials – choosing a cleaner that covers multiple fabrics as well as extra features can save both time and money in the long run.

Find an effective upholstery cleaner for your car online or at an automotive store, typically costing from $10-20 and offering various attachments such as brushes and hoses to be used on multiple surfaces. Your ideal car upholstery cleaner should also feature lightweight construction to make its use simpler.

Easy to use

Cleaning car upholstery can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but with the right cleaner it becomes simpler. There is an array of cleaners on the market designed to remove dirt and grime – from general detailers to stain removers – with natural scents that make cleanup less of an effortful task.

This all-in-one cleaner is an ideal way to tackle tough stains on fabric car seats, carpeting and floor mats without rinsing afterwards – great for carpeting, vinyl leather or soft touch plastic surfaces! The spray bottle makes application quick and simple while its included scrubbing brush reaches hard-to-reach spots easily. Furthermore, no rinsing is required – making this option especially convenient.

Mothers Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner comes in a 24-ounce trigger spray bottle that should go a long way in cleaning surfaces and fabrics such as vinyl, wool and sheepskin. Plus, its pH balance makes it environmentally-safe; no further damage to our planet from using your car’s interior!

If you have a particularly persistent stain on your vehicle’s upholstery, Chemical Guys Foaming Citrus Fabric Cleaner might be worth giving a try. With its adjustable concentration levels and convenient all-in-one cleaner capability, you can tailor its strength according to your individual needs and vehicle condition. Plus, this cost-effective option does an incredible job at extracting food- and beverage-stains, pet odors and mustiness caused by dampness – not forgetting its cost effectiveness!

As it’s essential to recognize, different types of upholstery require unique cleaning methods. Vinyl furniture is typically easy to care for and can usually be wiped clean using a microfiber cloth, while leather requires special leather cleaner and conditioner products in order to remain looking its best. Before using any product in an inconspicuous area of your car’s upholstery, perform a spot test first in order to avoid damaging its interior permanently and potentially incurring irreparable harm.