What Is the Best Rain Gear For Working Outside?

Proper rain gear can help ensure you remain comfortable and productive when working outdoors. Jackets, bibs and coveralls designed specifically to withstand both heavy rainfall and chilly temperatures will ensure maximum productivity during outdoor work sessions.

Most rain jackets feature water-repellent coatings. To make an informed choice, look for brands who provide clear information regarding what chemicals they use in their DWR finishes.

1. Patagonia Torrentshell 3L

Patagonia Torrentshell rain jackets have long been our top choice, thanks to their impressive combination of environmental and performance benefits. Their latest iteration, the Patagonia Torrentshell 3L, builds upon this reputation with its sleek design that looks great and excellent price/performance ratio. Featuring PFC-free DWR finish polyester face fabric and Pertex Shield waterproof membrane; face fabric made with 13% recycled materials; this entire jacket meets bluesign-approved and Fair Trade Certified criteria (which ensure safe manufacturing practices) certification; bluesign-approved manufacturing process approval as well.

Material plays an integral part in making an ideal rain jacket quiet; its feel against your skin and noise-making capacity are two important considerations. Our test group found the Torrentshell more peaceful due to its soft yet durable outer layer and non-clingy backer layer.

Comfort features include an adjustable cord-and-clip hood that can be tightened for the perfect fit, along with a full-length front zipper covered in flaps (similar to Berghaus Athunder above). In the main pocket there are additional storm flaps positioned over the zipper which help seal out weather; hand pockets feature exterior shell fabric lining for additional weather sealing; this jacket also comes equipped with an internal loop for hanging it from backpack harnesses while packing away into its own left-hand pocket for easy transport and storage.

As with any piece of gear, the Torrentshell requires regular care and maintenance in order to last as long as possible. With proper care this jacket will outlive its expected lifespan by years! Although its fabric can stand up to rough use, DWR coating reapplication may become necessary periodically; also give this jacket a good rinse every few months to remove dirt and oils that accumulate over time.

2. Rab Downpour Plus 2.0

No matter your raincoat needs are, Rab’s Downpour Plus 2.0 delivers. Made of durable recycled material with Pertex Shield waterproofing to keep you dry during any downpour, its regular fit works over various hiking apparel and features such as helmet-compatible hood, articulated sleeves and pit zips allow quick venting of sweat quickly.

Gear manufacturers employ various coatings to render rain jackets water-resistant, but the best ones are durable and repel moisture without impairing breathability. A rain jacket’s shell or barrier fabric provides its first line of defense; its weight and suppleness determine its weight; for bushwhacking adventures or long hikes it is wiser to opt for robust shells with more resistance against abrasion, while lightweight options provide greater comfort during long treks.

The Rab Downpour Plus 2.0 utilizes 2.5-layer Pertex Shield recycled fabric that is lighter, softer, and more malleable than three-layer fabrics – enabling an effortless experience when hiking mountainous terrain. Furthermore, this jacket comes equipped with an easily adjustable helmet-compatible hood, large zipped pockets compatible with hip belts, as well as pit zips to facilitate rapid ventilation.

Work rain gear is essential for workers in many different industries and occupations, from commercial fishing and forestry to food processing, EMS, law enforcement, long-haul driving mining oil gas logging. Hunters depend on rain gear to protect them from briars brush and falling branches – one piece we tested that is particularly lightweight and versatile is the KUIU Chugach TR rainwear system.

3. Smartwool Running Anorak

When your work involves going outdoors, rain gear that keeps you dry, warm, and protected is essential. Our reviews offer products designed specifically to keep you dry in any situation – be it construction during a downpour or tree climbing in a windstorm – such as jackets that provide breathability, lightweightness and durability; many also feature helmet-compatible hoods or handwarmer pockets; in addition, casual fits make for ideal daily wear as they can accommodate outdoor layers – be they hiking, biking, running or everyday use!

Merino Sport Ultralight Anorak is a packable midlayer designed for weather that cannot make up its mind. Crafted with natural merino wool for lightweight warmth that won’t subside when rain begins pouring down; nylon shell with non-PFC DWR finish breaks wind; while the hood and sleeves provide added comfort during active pursuits; zippers and pockets are conveniently located when wearing a backpack.

This lightweight and versatile piece was tested during a chilly, windy October dayhike up Utah’s 11,749-foot Timpanogos mountain, as well as numerous trail runs and rides in cool temps and conditions. Its breathability stood out, thanks to an integrated combination of merino wool and stretchy polyester mesh under arms and shoulder blades; further, polyester mesh helps prevent it from becoming damp and heavy so it can be worn without additional layers for breathability.

KUIU Chugach TR is not as hardwearing and rugged as top-rated waterproof rain jackets, but it does come close. Hunters looking for an all-in-one jacket solution could find this model suitable – light enough for use as a stand-in midlayer but tough enough to withstand occasional brush with briars or saplings while remaining quiet enough when stalking game, light enough for stand-alone midlayer use, quiet enough when stalking game and featuring packable pockets as well as harness-compatible hood.

4. Outdoor Research Foray

Outdoor Research’s men’s Foray rain jacket offers excellent value and reliable performance, thanks to its Gore-Tex Paclite waterproofing and thicker than average 50 denier shell material for enhanced wind and rain protection. Plus, its casual fit ensures maximum layering comfort – plus it features helmet-compatible hood vents and Velcro wrist cinches!

TorsoFlo makes opening the Foray’s side vents quick and simple; just unzip from hem to bicep when wearing it over your waist strap or hiking, or unzip from hem to bicep for easy heat management while on trail. Plus, its left hand pocket means it takes up minimal space when packing or backpacking it away; plus there is a carabiner loop at its back that lets you attach it directly onto packs or climbing harnesses for hands-free rain protection while working.

In our laboratory tests, the Foray proved waterproof and windproof while offering excellent breathability compared to similar light-duty rain jackets. Its only real drawback is its larger than usual hand pocket which doubles up as a stuff sack when not being used.

If you plan to work outdoors for extended periods, a 2-in-1 insulated jacket is an excellent way to stay warm and dry. These hybrid rain/insulation garments combine raincoat and an insulating shell made of fleece or cotton for warmth and comfort, with lightweight yet durable construction that can withstand prolonged use. These jackets are popularly worn in construction sites, EMS units, forests, food processing companies, long haul driving operations, police force departments and theme parks. For even greater warmth and comfort consider investing in an Arc’teryx Beta Jacket!

5. Marmot Minimalist

Outdoor workers need gear that’s durable, breathable, light enough to move easily in and protective enough. That means investing in durable rain boots or pants, waterproof t-shirt and plenty of sun protection – as well as jackets that can withstand everything from drizzles to torrential downpours.

That’s where the Marmot Minimalist comes in handy – made with Gore-Tex Paclite fabric that allows moisture inside to escape while blocking water penetration from outside, this jacket ensures you can stay dry in even harshest weather conditions. Plus, its waterproof nature means even under adverse circumstances you’re sure to remain comfortable and safe!

The Minimalist boasts several windproofing features that can come in handy when working outdoors, including a storm flap covering its full-length zipper to block wind from penetrating through and an anti-wind hood designed to shield both head and face from the elements.

The Minimalist jacket’s insulation makes it an excellent choice for colder weather; however, we advise buying the non-insulated option if value is your priority.

The Minimalist jacket weighs only 15 oz, making it an excellent option for outdoor workers as it won’t add too much weight to their ensemble. Furthermore, its lightweight design makes it easier to pack in bags or backpacks in case rain showers strike when working outdoors – though unfortunately this rain shell doesn’t offer as many pockets.