What is the Best Color for Mother of the Bride Dresses?

Tradition dictates that the mother of the bride should wear colors that complement or contrast with those used by the bridal or wedding party, yet do not match that of their daughter’s attire. However, this doesn’t have to be taken literally; wearing complimentary or contrasting hues does not have to mean matching her daughter exactly!

Winter coloring calls for darker and richer shades such as pinks and plums; for summertime coloring, look for warmer tones of gold tones.

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Mother of the bride dresses should complement rather than distract from their daughter, however a white mother of the bride dress with unique details such as beads or lace can still make an impactful statement.

Black or red may draw too much attention away from the bride; typically brides would prefer for their mothers to be attired in shades of pink or nude to match with her bridal party.

Navy blue is another versatile hue perfect for mother of the bride dresses, making it an excellent choice for fall weddings. This color pairs beautifully with bridesmaid dresses in teal, emerald green and lighter blue and purple shades; thus making it an excellent pick.

Mother of the bride may opt for navy or royal blue as an appropriate color choice for winter weddings, and consult with her daughter on her color choice prior to purchasing a dress that complements each other aesthetically and suits both skin tones (warmer skin tones should consider wearing gold, coral, orange and peach hues while cooler skin tones look lovely in emeralds, frosty shades of pink or violet red colors).


Red mother of the bride dresses are an eye-catching choice for fall or winter weddings, whether elegant jewelled ruby red or more subdued cranberry are great complements to bridesmaid’s red dresses. Burgundy or navy hues will also complement many wedding color schemes nicely; though some couples may wish for her MOB dress not to match exactly her daughter’s dress color scheme – that is perfectly acceptable too.

When in doubt about matching dresses to the bride’s gowns, consult a bridal salon and inquire as to their preferences. If the bride approves, white can certainly be chosen!

Though traditional matronly wedding attire has fallen by the wayside, choosing an outfit for your daughter’s big day still requires careful consideration. Thanks to relaxed etiquette and numerous mother of the bride dresses available today, finding something elegant yet special on this important occasion shouldn’t be difficult!

Select a color and style appropriate to the wedding’s spirit, formality and location. While not necessary, mothers of brides may wish to consult their daughter when selecting an ensemble so she can feel confident she looks her best!


Pink, a feminine hue evoking sweetness and romance, is one of the most sought-after mother-of-the-bride dress colors. Furthermore, its warm, cheerful hue suits most skin tones beautifully for spring weddings.

Plus-size pink mother-of-the-bride dresses make a striking choice, and are an ideal way to stand out in a crowd without being overtly flashy. This gown boasts a gorgeous floral pattern to accentuate your figure, while its deep V-neckline and cinched waist add drama to this stunning number.

Dusty blue dresses make a beautiful choice for bridesmaids and mothers of the groom alike, as this soft hue pairs well with other pastel hues such as pinks and peaches – an especially suitable option if the bride and groom have chosen an all-pastel theme for their big day!

Jewel tones can make an unforgettable impression for mother of the bride/groom events, particularly emerald green and sapphire blue hues. These vivid hues will draw the eye, as well as pair beautifully with metallics such as silver dresses. When selecting such attire for yourself or others, be sure to accessorize with gold jewelry and heels to complete your look.


Purple is a timeless color choice that works well with many skin tones and styles, offering mothers of the bride plenty of options when choosing her color scheme. She can select from lavender, mauve and lilac shades that work great for spring/summer weddings as well as darker plum and burgundy hues which provide more elegant tones that work great for evening/winter ceremonies.

Be mindful that if you want to wear something white or ivory to a wedding, ensure that it does not clash with the bride’s gown and ask their permission before proceeding with wearing such an ensemble.

If the bride has chosen a color theme for her bridal party, it would be beneficial for the mother of the bride to match this look as part of creating a cohesive appearance for wedding photographs. This will result in better photographs.

Mothers should try not to select colors too similar to the bride’s gown. While some similarities are acceptable, an exact match should never occur.


Brides and mothers used to fear wearing any color that might clash with their daughter’s dress on her special day. But this has since changed, with brides being encouraged to wear whatever they please down the aisle, and mothers seizing this opportunity to express themselves through mother of the bride dresses of various hues such as navy blue, teal, emerald green hunter green slate grey peacock wine or gold/silver colors as preferred choices for mother-of-the-bride gowns.

Mother of the brides can find some great looks in neutral tones like ivory, blush, mauve, beige, lilac and champagne that look great with most skin tones and can easily complement other colors in their bridal party’s palette.

If the wedding is formal or black tie, a more formal floor length or ball gown style mother of the bride dress would likely be more suitable – often seen at winter or holiday weddings.

Rich red mother of the bride dresses are an elegant option for fall and winter weddings, particularly ones held during magenta or plum seasons, or autumn hues (burgundy, dusty rose, sangria shades). Red dresses may work particularly well if your winter coloration contains magenta and plum tones while for autumn hues (burgundy dusty rose and sangria shades are great options too! If your ceremony falls during spring or summer time coral could be more fitting; coral will work beautifully against yellow hues as well as pairing well with yellows oranges and purple hues!


As the mother of the bride, one of the key aspects to remember when selecting clothing to match the wedding gown is not wearing colors that clash. Typically this means avoiding white and ivory shades; if you would rather add some flair, you could go for neutral hues like taupe or gray instead; to truly stand out, choose something brightly-hued like a colorful gown instead.

If you are attending a winter or fall wedding, fuchsia’s stately wine tone could be just the shade for you. It exudes luxury and richness – perfect for mother of the brides. Additionally, its versatility means it works well with most skin tones as well as complementing other hues such as pinks and purples beautifully.

Some compare fuchsia flowers to an elaborately bejeweled string of bells; others consider them graceful ballerinas dancing on tiptoe. No matter your interpretation of them, these gorgeous blooms have been sought-after and appreciated for over 300 years!

If you are planning to be the mother of the bride, it is advisable to run your color choice past your daughter first. She can tell you whether or not she would prefer for you to match her dress color – ultimately though, it is your decision as to what you will wear on this special occasion!