What is the Best Cleaner For Wood Paneling?

Wood paneling adds timeless beauty and warmth to the home, and regular care and maintenance will ensure it looks its best and smells fresh.

Murphy(r) Oil Soap makes an effective natural oil-based cleaner that won’t damage or discolor wood paneling walls, providing optimal results for this task.

Murphy(r) Oil Soap

Murphy(r) Oil Soap is the ideal cleaner for wood paneling. Gentle yet powerful enough to remove stubborn stains, it comes both as concentrated liquid form that needs mixing with water or prediluted in spray bottles for convenient wall cleaning.

Use of wood-cleaning products will keep your paneling looking gleamingly new while protecting it against dirt, grease and grime build-up in the future. To maintain this shine on walls at least twice per year with soft cloth or duster will help.

Before you begin your cleaning endeavor, it’s advisable to move any objects that might obstruct the path, such as furniture and decorative items that might get in the way. Also be sure to vacuum or sweep the area first to get rid of dust or dirt that might have collected over time.

Prepare all of the materials necessary to complete your task, such as a bucket, sponge and soap. In addition to these tools, a towel and warm water will also be required. Once assembled, begin by using a damp sponge to scrub off walls; after which use your towel and warm water to rinse them clean before moving on to step two.

Use a mild detergent or soap solution when washing panels, such as two cups of hot water mixed with four teaspoons of gum turpentine and eight teaspoons of linseed oil for maximum effectiveness. Test this mixture first in an inconspicuous area before applying it all over your wall.

As soon as your paneling is clean, use a damp cloth to wipe it down with any excess debris, making sure to dry the surface afterwards to prevent haze or discoloration on wood panels. This process should take less than an hour. Alternatively, try using commercial solvents like mineral spirits which are easily available at most home improvement stores; just follow any label instructions carefully so as not to harm the paneling with harmful chemicals.


Wood paneling adds classic charm to any room, but regular maintenance must be performed to keep its look. Cleaning wood paneling doesn’t have to be difficult and can be accomplished using just a few household items. Most people should strive to do this two or four times annually depending on the amount of dust in their home – this will keep it looking its best while protecting it from further damage.

Vinegar is an effective natural cleaner, designed to remove dust and dirt from wood paneling as well as any stains on walls. The acid found within vinegar helps break down dirt and grease that might otherwise cling to its surface; you can make your own vinegar cleaner by mixing one cup of white vinegar with two or three tablespoons of olive oil and applying this solution directly onto walls using either cloth or sponge application; after leaving it to sit on for some time before wiping off with damp cloths afterwards.

As another method to clean wood paneling, using commercial cleaning products designed specifically for this material may also be effective. Home improvement stores carry such sprays or waxes which can remove built-up dirt, smoke residue and other contaminants that cause dull or discolored wooden surfaces. When using such products it is important to read the instructions thoroughly and test on small sections first before applying it all over your wall surfaces.

If your wood paneling is particularly dirty and stained, a deeper cleaning may be required. Mineral spirits on a cloth may help remove any remaining grime, while opening windows to provide adequate ventilation may be beneficial when taking this step.

Lemon Oil

Over time, dirt and grime accumulate on wood paneling surfaces, diminishing their natural beauty and making the paneling less inviting to look at. For maximum effectiveness it is necessary to periodically clean paneling at least every two-four weeks using specific cleaners designed specifically to restore them back to their former glory.

Most commercial cleaning products available from home improvement stores are suitable for use on wood paneling as long as no strong alkali solutions, solvents or scouring pads are used on its surface. Rub-on oils, sprays or waxes may all be suitable. Before applying the cleaner to an entire surface of paneling, always test first to ensure it will not discolor or harm its finish.

Lemon oil can be an effective wood panel cleaner when combined with conditioner or polish, although it does not protect the wood against moisture loss; rather it rejuvenates its surface and adds a delightful lemon scent that revitalizes any paneling you may be cleaning. Furthermore, lemon oil helps prevent drying out of the wood as well as remove smudges or water marks that have developed on walls.

Howard’s Wood Care can be purchased at most hardware stores as an effective wood cleaner that’s suitable for most types of wood and can be applied either sprayed on or wiped onto its surface. Equipped with UVX-15 sunscreen technology, Howard’s Wood Care helps prevent discoloration caused by prolonged sun exposure.

Howard’s wood finish will prevent wood panels from drying out and help them retain their luster when applied in an oil, polish, and wax combination – such as Weiman furniture polish or paste wax – with regular application on wood surfaces. Together they protect and enhance wood’s integrity for longer-term enjoyment and use.

Dusting Cloth

Feather duster or synthetic micro fiber cloth cleaning of wood paneling walls will remove caked on dust that dulls its appearance and finish, and also wick away any excess moisture to maintain dry, healthy walls. A regular maintenance schedule will keep your wood paneling looking like new!

Wood paneling adds timeless style to any room, its resilient surface being resistant to various types of cleaners but should still be handled carefully so as not to damage the material. When cleaning wood walls with natural products such as oils or waxes, this helps preserve both their beauty and integrity as time goes on; additionally, regular dusting with damp cloth should help ensure dirt does not build up over time and cause permanent staining or other forms of discoloration.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to clean wood paneling is with a feather duster, available at most hardware stores. A feather duster can help remove dust, dirt and lint from its surface of wood paneling while helping prevent its appearance becoming dull and stained over time. Regular use will keep walls looking their best!

If your wood paneling has become stained or discolored, there are numerous cleaners available to restore it back to its original hue and luster. Some come in spray form for even quicker restoration; depending on the type of stain present it may also be necessary to scrub with a brush or cloth before using mineral spirits (flammable) to remove oil-based stains; always ensure there is adequate ventilation when employing either of these approaches.

If you need advice about which cleaner will best restore the beauty and shine of your wood paneling without harming its material composition, consulting a professional before beginning cleaning is highly advised. A trained expert will be able to recommend an appropriate product that restores beauty without harming any part of your paneling’s composition.