What is Soulify Social Search?

Soulify social search offers an efficient and productive solution to staying organized and productive, helping you manage public mentions and track trends over time. Filter by keywords or set email alerts for new mentions while accessing data in bulk for specific periods.

It’s a new way to find people

Search engines are increasingly taking account of social context in their results, making this trend all the more essential for marketers as it can have a substantial impact on how they optimize SEO campaigns. In this blog post, we will look at how social search is altering SEO practices and what benefits marketers may reap from it.

Social Search is a method for discovering people through searching their social media profiles. This powerful technique enables you to quickly locate those with similar interests as yourself who share similar searches on the platform, as well as build brand recognition or promote events with it.

One example of a social search engine is Aardvark, which employs the “village paradigm” to match users who have queries with those in their extended network who might have the answers. Users submit questions through various forms (instant messaging, email and web input) and Aardvark forwards the question to those most likely to provide an answer. Unfortunately, Google acquired Aardvark and later discontinued it – however there are other tools that use similar methodologies.

It’s a new way to promote events

Social media is an indispensable platform for event promotion. People use it to gain more information or register. However, reaching the appropriate audience may prove challenging; when creating your campaign and planning the event ahead of time it’s essential that you consider its duration so as to make the most of your investment and maximize attendance at your event.

An effective way to promote an event is hosting a contest or giveaway. This can encourage followers to tag friends in comments, repost your content or follow your account in order to participate in your giveaway. Furthermore, early-bird discounts or team discounts could add extra appeal.

Partner with a brand advocate. A brand advocate is defined as any user of your products who has a large social media following and can act as your spokesperson by creating user-generated content and disseminating it across a wider audience than you could by yourself. They may be more credible than other users.