What is Rivalry?

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The definition of rivalry is a relationship between individuals who regularly compete with one another. While we would not call such a relationship healthy, it does not mean that we should ignore our rivals either. Instead, it means acknowledging their existence and looking out for their interests. This means that we should try to win a competition without ignoring or abusing our competitor.

29 quotes about rivalry

Rivalry is the competition between two or more people. It can be a source of pain and suffering, but it can also be a source of personal development. When you have love for another person, rivalry can become your friend. Its positive qualities can make you a better person and it can help you learn from other people’s mistakes.

Emulation is not rivalry

Emulation is a natural love of superiority that implies a desire to equal or surpass others. It is a neutral concept and most often applies to relationships between contemporaries or to feelings of honor. In contrast, rivalry is a definite, egoistic striving to obtain an object or be better than another.

Emulation has a number of advantages over rivalry. First, emulation produces fleeting fidelity that is greater than the conformity one would get by copying a conspecific. This result was demonstrated in a study that included chimpanzees and children.

Healthy rivalry

Rivalry is an inevitable part of life and a healthy one can have positive effects. However, intense rivalry can turn into a source of sadness. Instead of being a source of misery, rivalry can be transformed into a positive experience by loving another person. If you find someone who can challenge you and help you grow as a person, then rivalry can become a positive experience.