What is Larry “Axman” Roach’s Net Worth?

During his younger years, Larry “Axman” Roach enjoyed racing. He began to get interested in cars when he was just 10 years old. He would spend his days working on cars in his cousins’ garages. He later started to fix cars in his garage as well. Axman eventually made his way to a career as a racer. He is now famous for his appearance on a show called Street Outlaws.

The reality television show Street Outlaws follows the life of street racers. These drivers are from various cities across the United States. They compete in dangerous races. In each episode, the drivers are faced with the consequences of their actions. The show is one of the more compelling reality shows on the Discovery channel.

Larry “Axman” Roach is one of the stars of the show. He is known for his giant ax that is placed on the front and rear of his 1963 Chevy II. Axman started out racing on radial tires for two years, before switching to big tires. He has been able to build up an impressive net worth, although he has not revealed his salary. He earns $20-30,000 per episode from the show.

Larry “Axman” Roach also owns a logging business. He has a large family. He and his wife have four children. He and his wife Sarah Mattox got engaged in January 2016, and are planning to marry in July. Sarah also works at her father’s restaurant, and has a professional life. They co-parent a son, Ryder.

Larry “Axman” Roach’s net worth is estimated to be between $500K and $1 Million by the year 2021. He has accumulated a large sum of money through his racing career. His family supports his career, and his wife helps line him up at every race. Axman has a pair of blue eyes and brown hair. He is often featured in merchandise on the Internet. He is also a YouTube star.

In addition to his career as a racer, Larry “Axman” Roach also owns a logging business. He has a large family, and his wife supports him. He has a YouTube channel where he hosts a series called “Axlady.” He also has a YouTube series called “Race to the Finish” in which he competes against other street racers. He also owns a tree and stump removal business. He has appeared on numerous television shows. He is a regular member of the show Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings.

Chris Hamilton is another street racer who appeared on Street Outlaws. He is also known as the “Boosted GT” on the show. He joined the show during the third season. His favorite car is the 1969 Chevrolet Nova. He is also known for creating his own 1972 Nova. He also drives a simple El Camino built in his garage. He has a net worth of $300,000 as of 2022. He is dating Kayla Morton, a member of the Street Outlaws cast.

The cast of Street Outlaws also earns money from ad sales and commercials. There is a bit of a secret about the cast’s personal lives. Some members of the cast are not married and do not talk about their family lives in the media. But, most of them have found jobs outside of racing.