What is Kyle Rittenhouse Net Worth?

Kyle Rittenhouse has a net worth of $50,000 in 2022. His name has received media attention after he was arrested for shooting three protesters in a Kenosha, Wisconsin, park. He was accused of first-degree murder and was defended by President Donald Trump. He is a college student. Although he has not stated the amount of his net worth, it is assumed that his parents are his only source of income.

While still in college, Kyle Rittenhouse takes part-time jobs to supplement his income. As a result, his net worth is about $50k. His net worth has been increased due to the media attention that he has received since the shooting of two protestors. Nevertheless, the incident left many people wondering: “What is Kyle Rittenhouse’s net worth?” It is not clear whether he is still in college or is working a part-time job to support himself.

In addition to his TV appearances, Rittenhouse is also a well-known media personality. His likeness has been used for a variety of products. Some of these items include T-shirts and video games. His name has also been associated with the Media Accountability Project, a fundraising campaign to sue media companies in civil court. Despite being banned from Facebook and Instagram since August 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse continues to maintain unverified social media accounts. With an estimated net worth of $50,000, he has gained much attention in the public eye.

If his criminal case is over, Kyle Rittenhouse is sure to receive millions of dollars. Experts believe that he has a high chance of proving not guilty, and a successful lawsuit could yield tens of millions of dollars. However, he has not revealed a lot of information about his personal life. He has only recently become involved with his business, which his family passed down to him.

Though his net worth is relatively modest, he is making headlines for his role in the violent riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020. The riots were prompted by Black Lives Matter protests and Rittenhouse, armed with a semi-automatic AR-15 style rifle, shot and killed two rioters.

Before becoming a popular vigilante, Rittenhouse grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. He attended college online and had a job at a YMCA. After the COVID virus outbreak, he has not been able to work for a while. His social activism is quite varied. He supports right-wing candidates and has a background in the pro-police and blue lives matter movements.

Wendy Rittenhouse was born in 1965. She married her husband, Mike, in 2000. They had two children – Faith Rittenhouse in 2003 and Kyle in 2004. The marriage ended in a divorce in 2007. Both of them are very close and are proud of their son, Kyle.