What Is Facebook’s Telephone Number?

Facebook is a free social media network that enables individuals to stay in contact with friends and family through messaging services, including instantaneous video call and messaging capabilities. It primarily functions to foster interpersonal interactions.

Kiper dialed the Facebook number provided, only to be told by customer service that there is no support number and should use its website instead. He explained to them he is locked out of his account and needs assistance in accessing it.

It’s a scam

Fraudsters who gain your phone number for two-factor authentication could use it to take over your account. Furthermore, they could access other online accounts using “forgot password” features that send a reset code straight to their phones – giving them easy access to them all!

NPR gave their number to Pindrop, a company that tracks phone fraud. A researcher called this number pretending to be locked out of his Facebook account and asking for help in activating it again; upon hearing his distressful plea for assistance from another caller who advised how best to protect himself from becoming scammed.

Motherboard verified some of the numbers contained in Gal’s spreadsheets are linked to real Facebook users by entering them into its forgotten password feature and finding that multiple numbers contained T and S letters that corresponded with names from his spreadsheets.