What is Dashie’s Net Worth?

Whether he’s talking about video games, movies, or other things, Dashie, aka Charlie Dawson, is a YouTube personality who has become a huge hit. He’s earned millions of dollars in his career. In addition to his popularity on YouTube, he’s earned a great deal of money from merchandise and paid promotions.

Dashie was born in the Dominican Republic in the mid 1980s. He moved to Florida when he was young. He graduated with poor grades and went to work at a Walmart in Florida. He started his first YouTube channel in 2006. Since then, he’s launched three other YouTube channels and has over 2.5 million subscribers.

He is fluent in both Spanish and English. He has a passion for video games. He has a YouTube gaming channel called DashieGames, which is a huge success. His videos feature gaming commentary and playthroughs. His videos are usually short and comedic. He has a fan following around the world. Some of his fans come from a variety of age groups and countries. He’s been endorsed by several popular brands.

He has a huge fan following on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. He has over 4.5 million followers on Twitter and over 370,000 followers on Instagram. In addition to his videos on YouTube, Dashie has released two albums and a mixtape. He has a Chihuahua named BB as a pet. He has no interest in smoking or drinking. In fact, he advises people to avoid drugs. In addition, Dashie has mentioned that he has dated Tina and Lori. In fact, he has collaborated with several other well-known YouTube personalities.

He was born in the Dominican Republic on June 11, 1985. He has a sister named Suzy Guzman and a brother named Jose Manuel Guzman. Dashie has never revealed his birth sign, but he is a Gemini. He has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches and weighs about 75 pounds.

He’s known for his comedic style and he’s also known for his love of hats. He wears a cap in every video he posts on YouTube. He enjoys laughing often. He has a short attention span and doesn’t do well with his grades. He’s also said to suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

He was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Coral Springs, Florida. He started his YouTube career in 2006. His first channel, Dashie, only had about a thousand subscribers, but it eventually became very popular. He created two more channels in 2010. The two new channels were DashieXP and DashieGames. In 2010, he launched his daily Gaming Channel. He’s been featured in several high profile video game titles.

He has been known to collaborate with famous YouTube personalities like Peter Chao and Logic. He’s also teamed up with T-Pindell. He earns money from paid promotions, ad revenue, and sponsorships. He’s also made money through affiliate marketing.

He has three YouTube channels: Dashie, DashieXP, and DashieGames. His gaming channel DashieGames is the most popular channel on YouTube. His videos have gained millions of views, and he has earned a net worth of over $500,000.