What is Como tale VU mean?

“Como tale vu” is the closest thing to the phrase you requested that I can assume. It translates to “how are you doing,” in the formal French register. This expression would most likely be used for strangers or people above your station, such as your boss at work or something along those lines.

Do you speak English in French language?

If you want to ask “Do you understand English?” in French, there are two ways to do it. “*Parlez-vous anglais ?” is the formal/polite version. The informal/less polite phrase is “Parles-tu anglais?”

Is Duo American in French duolingo?

Normally, in French, only pronoun and verb are exchanged. However, in certain situations, the pronoun is actually the subject itself. “Is Duo American?” isn’t one of them. In this case, you can’t say “Est Duo américain” in French because Duo isn’t a pronoun.

How do you say I speak a little French?

“Je parle un peu francais” is the correct phrase. “I speak a little French,” or “I speak a tiny bit of french” are other ways to express it.

1. Como tale VU(phrase)

2. “Parlez-vous anglais ?” (phrase)

3. Parles-tu anglais? (phrase)

4. Est Duo américain (grammatically incorrect phrase)

5. Je parle un peu francais(phrase)

How do you present someone in French?

To start, you might say: Je vous présente Fabienne, ma femme. Let me introduce you to Fabienne, my wife…. It may be used to present oneself or someone else.

How do you introduce a friend in French?

Answer. If you must introduce someone else, such as a friend, you might say: Je vous présente + nome of the person I’m introducing to you.

How do you say your age in French?

To ask someone’s age, you should say:

Qu’est-ce que cela signifie pour vous? Is it of any significance to you? How old are you, in your native language (you)? How old are you, wir ing your language (I)?

How old are you in French?

If you must, you can say: Je voudrais savoir quel âge tu as. I would like to know how old you are.

What does Como tale VU mean? Como tale vu is the closest thing to Como tale.

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