What is Colion Noir’s Net Worth?

YouTube star Colion Noir’s net worth is estimated to be around $800 thousand, according to various sources. He earns the majority of his money through his channel, which has over one million subscribers. He is also a big advocate for gun rights. Besides his YouTube channel, his other sources of income include other sources like his career as a lawyer, his YouTube channel, and his YouTube content.

As an attorney and a civil rights activist, Colion Noir has made quite a name for himself. He is famous for speaking out on gun rights and has also served on several boards. However, his personal life is largely kept private. As of August 2022, his net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 million.

As an advocate for gun control, Colion Noir is an influential YouTube personality. His videos have over 950,000 subscribers, making him an important advocate for gun control. As an activist, he has made no public announcements regarding his relationship status, although he has made references to his former girlfriend in 2019. The truth is, Colion Noir is not married or divorced and his net worth remains unknown.

Colion Noir is an American lawyer, writer, and activist. His YouTube videos have received millions of views. He is a strong advocate of gun rights, and he has hosted several series on gun rights. Despite his relatively high net worth, Colion Noir’s personal life is kept private. He is shy about sharing personal information, and shares mostly information about politics on his social media accounts.

Noir’s childhood was largely influenced by his love of firearms. He attended high school in Houston, Texas, and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in political science. He later went on to study law at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University. In the meantime, he began writing his own web series.

Colion Noir has a large following on social media, including Instagram and his YouTube channel. His videos have garnered over two hundred million views as of March 2021. He uses social media extensively, and uses it to share his views with followers. He is a big advocate for gun rights, and even has his own bullet-loaded metal candy dish. In 2013, he was hired as a pundit for the National Rifle Association. He also regularly attended conventions for the organization and was considered to be their most popular black commentator. He left the NRA after two years.

Colion Noir is an American lawyer, gun rights advocate, and web series host. He grew up playing with guns and kept them locked up in his wardrobe, but in 2013 he became a prominent advocate of human rights and gun control. His YouTube channel currently has over one million subscribers.