What is Another Word For Teachers Pet?

What is another word for teachers pet?

Teacher’s pet is a term for a student who has been given preferential treatment by their teacher. This can range from being allowed to skip class, to getting better grades than their peers, or even having the opportunity to help with classroom work. However, this favoritism can be a bit overwhelming for students who are trying to get through school. It can also be confusing for parents when their child has a teacher’s pet and doesn’t want to be compared to it.

What are some slang words and synonyms for teacher’s pet?

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We’ve rounded up 1200 of the most popular slang words and synonyms for teachers pet. Many of them are racist/sexist/offensive, but we’ve tried to choose some that are a little more tamer. If you think of any other slang terms or synonyms for teachers pet that we haven’t listed, let us know! We’ll add them to this page.
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