What is an Alternative to Uber?

Whether you’re an Uber loyalist or a newbie to ridesharing, there are plenty of options. Sure, the app isn’t perfect — drivers cancel, rides sometimes take longer than expected, and the app doesn’t always work in all places. But it’s still much more reliable than holding your hand in the air and hoping a taxi drives by.

The most obvious Uber alternative is Lyft, a popular ridesharing service available in more than 600 cities. The service works similarly to Uber: you hail a car from the app and can track your driver’s location on a map. It also uses a demand-based pricing system during peak hours, just like Uber.

Lyft also offers a couple of other features that make it stand out from its rival. For one, the service allows passengers to book a ride up to two weeks in advance. That’s ideal for anyone who wants to know exactly how much their ride will cost. And second, the company’s “Lyft Line” feature lets you share your ride with another person to save even more money.

Another great thing about Lyft is that it’s one of the few Uber alternatives that offers a wheelchair access option, which is perfect for anyone with mobility issues or disabilities. Plus, the company requires background checks and minimal cleanliness standards from its drivers, so you can feel safe riding in their vehicles.

Other ridesharing services that can be used as an Uber alternative include Gett, Hailo Cab, and mytaxi. These apps all allow you to hail a professional taxi driver and pay your fare through the app. mytaxi, for example, has a strict focus on professionalism and only works with taxi drivers who have been certified by the government or their city. It also has a loyalty program that can earn you free rides and 50 per cent off your first ride.

Another Uber alternative is Curb, which only works with professionally licensed drivers and has a special focus on safety. The service also has a no-tipping policy and offers cheaper rides than UberX, making it an excellent choice for budget-minded riders. And lastly, Earth Rides is a great Uber alternative to consider for those who want to go green. The service currently operates in Nashville, Tennessee and Austin, Texas and only works with Teslas and other electric cars.

Getting around in a foreign country can be tricky, especially when taxis and public transport are unreliable or expensive. But thanks to apps like Uber, Lyft, and Grab, it’s never been easier to find a safe and comfortable ride. And with Uber’s recent troubles, it might be time to start looking for an alternative.

If you’re sick of Uber’s price-gouging, screwing over its drivers, and spying on journalists, it might be time to look for an alternative. Here are some of the best Uber alternatives out there.