What Is a Reactive Bowling Ball?

What Is a Reactive Bowling Ball?

A reactive bowling ball is a type of bowling ball that is designed with a coverstock that contains particles that absorb oil from the lanes. This creates a friction layer that helps the ball stay longer on dry lanes and react more quickly when lane conditions are wet or slicker.

These balls have a variety of properties that make them popular among bowlers of all levels. Some of these features include enhanced hook potential, higher friction, and increased pin action.

The best reactive bowling balls for hook can help you increase your overall lane control and score more points on the pins. They can also help you improve your accuracy and consistency, which are crucial for winning more games.

What Are the Different Types of Reactive Bowling Balls?

There are four kinds of reactive coverstocks that are available on the market. They are solid reactive, pearl reactive, hybrid reactive, and particle reactive.

Solid reactive coverstocks contain the largest number of microscopic reactive pores on the surface of the ball compared to other types of reactive coverstocks. This type of reactive ball is the best choice for heavily oiled lane conditions because it has the most amount of reactive pores on the surface.

Reactive hybrid coverstocks are also a good choice for drier lane conditions because they are made with a blend of reactive and pearl materials. These reactive balls are usually a little bit heavier than the other types of reactive balls, and they are ideal for drier lane conditions because they have a greater amount of energy that they store as they travel down the lane.

Pearl reactive coverstocks are a great option for drier lane conditions because they contain a blend of regular reactive material and a substance called mica. This substance adds a bit of sparkle and aesthetic to the reactive ball and allows it to react more quickly to lane conditions that are slicker or drier.

A reactive hybrid ball is best suited for medium to dry lanes, but it can be a good choice for bowlers who want to get more control and precision on a wide range of lane conditions. These reactive hybrid bowling balls are often a little more expensive than other types of reactive bowling balls, but they can be worth the price tag if you’re looking for a ball that will give you more power on a wide range of lane conditions.

The Brunswick Rhino is a great option for beginner bowlers who are new to reactive bowling. This ball uses a low drop 0.030” lamp core design that gives it the ability to gain mid-lane traction in slicker lane conditions.

This ball is also a great option for bowlers who are looking for a little extra angularity and firepower on the back end of the lane. It can be difficult to find a reactive resin bowling ball that offers both these characteristics, so the Brunswick Rhino is a great choice for beginner bowlers who aren’t afraid of trying something a little different.