What is a Good LSAT Score?

While some people may claim that a good lsat score is anything over 180, this really depends on what law school you’re looking to attend and what their LSAT score requirements are. Some schools are more lenient than others, but most accept applicants who meet or exceed their median LSAT scores. In fact, the vast majority of schools publish their LSAT score ranges through ABA required disclosures, making it easy to find out what is a good lsat score for you.

As a general rule, a good lsat score is in the 154 to 170 range, with 165 being a very strong score. It is important to remember that your LSAT score will not be a true reflection of how well you did on the test, because it is based on a scale that goes from 120 to 180. The scale is a combination of the “raw” and “curved” scores, which are determined by how many questions you got right or wrong. Raw scores are based on the total number of questions you answered correctly, and curved scores are calculated by comparing your raw score to other applicants’.

This scoring system is designed to help level the playing field between test takers, because it gives no advantage or disadvantage to answering certain types of questions or missing certain questions. During the exam, you will be given three different sections of 35 to 45 questions each. The first and last sections are weighted more heavily than the middle section, but the total score is based on all the questions you answer, whether you get them right or not.

A 154 is a very strong score, since it places you in the 49th percentile and better than half of all the other test takers. To improve your 154 to a 157, you would have to get an additional four questions right, which is not easy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a good lsat score for your target school will also depend on other aspects of your application, such as GPA. It’s estimated that your LSAT score accounts for 75% of your admission decision, while the rest is made up of other factors such as letters of recommendation, work experience, and personal statement.

In addition, the LSAT is a highly time-consuming test, so studying is incredibly important. There are a lot of resources online that can help you study effectively, including practice exams, books, and courses. You should also consider talking to current students at your desired law school to see what kind of LSAT scores they’ve had success with and how you might best prepare for the exam.

Ultimately, what is a good lsat scores will vary from person to person and depend on a variety of factors, including your goals, the law school you want to go to, and other aspects of your application. With that said, a 160 or higher is generally considered a strong score and will give you a solid chance of getting accepted into most of the country’s top law schools, including Yale.