What Is a Display Name?

If you’ve ever attended a conference or in-person event, there’s a good chance you received a name tag. These small, paper rectangles serve a few important purposes. They act as a form of identification, allow attendees to quickly search for you in the crowd, and help build your personal brand.

For sellers on Fiverr, your display name is your public name that appears to buyers and all interactions you have with them—including on Gig pages, Inbox messages, and your seller profile. It is separate from your username, which is used to log in.

When you’re creating your display name, it’s important to consider what you want your buyer to think of you. Choosing an interesting and representative name will help establish trust with your buyers. Choosing a unique and memorable name will also make it easier for them to find your profile in the future.

You can update your display name by visiting your seller account settings. You can then click on the pencil icon next to your display name and edit it to fit your needs. Once you’re happy with your new display name, remember to save it by clicking on the blue Save button at the bottom of your seller account settings page.

In a game of Roblox, your display name is how other users identify you in-game. It’s the name they’ll see in chat, on the leaderboard, and above your username in experiences with display names enabled. A good display name should be easy to read and spell, and should reflect your interests and personality. It should also be appropriate for your audience, as Roblox is a gaming platform that appeals to people of all ages.

Unlike usernames, display names don’t need to be unique. While they do need to be at least 15 characters long, it isn’t uncommon for a user to have the same display name as another user. This doesn’t violate Disqus’ terms of service, but it can lead to confusion and impersonation issues if it isn’t corrected.

While changing your display name on Spotify isn’t possible, you can create a custom username to use for logging in. This will still be your username for logging in, but you’ll be able to change it on other parts of your account. It will also be the name displayed on your profile, apps, and playlists.

In order to change your display name on Epic Games, visit your account’s ACCOUNT INFO (opens in new tab) page. From there, you can enter your desired display name in the box labeled DISPLAY NAME. Be sure to select the VERIFY EMAIL address option and click SAVE CHANGES to complete the process. If you do not verify your email address, you will need to contact support for assistance.