What Happened to B Makowsky Handbags?

The name B Makowsky stands for Bruce Makowsky, the designer of B Makowsky handbags. His bags were crafted from natural leather with a stunning texture. These bags were a pioneer in the luxury handbag industry. They were also very popular.

B Makowsky handbags were renowned for their quality. Made of fine, smooth leather, they were an exquisite example of fashion. The designer put his heart and soul into his products. He was successful in real estate and had an established fashion business with his wife, Kathy van Zeeland. In 2008, he sold his handbag and shoe business to Li & Fung, a Hong Kong-based logistics and trading firm. The future of the handbag brand is unclear.

Makowsky handbags were made with sturdy materials, so they may have outlasted their more recent cousins. However, you should be aware of some of the problems with these handbags. If you have to purchase one, ensure that you do your research and check the quality before you make the purchase. Be sure to check the stitching, lining, and hardware, as well as the integrity of the pockets.

There were rumors that B. Makowsky handbags were faked, but there is no way to tell. These bags were once of high quality and crafted to last for five years. Besides being high quality, they were also very affordable, making them a good investment. But it was not easy to find original B. Makowsky handbags, and many people are complaining about the quality of the goods.

One woman who claims that her BK bag was dyed on her Coach handbag reported that QVC corporate tried to help her, and even put her in touch with a representative of B. Makowsky. In the meantime, B. Makowsky handbags are no longer sold on the website and at QVC.