What Hairstyles Were Popular in the 1960s?

There was a revolution in hairstyles during the 1960s, especially for women. It was the era when sexuality was more accepted in society. Many people wore their hair long and voluminous in the ’60s, and big hair was a symbol of beauty. However, some of the more popular styles were not very good for hair.

One of the most popular hairstyles during the ’60s was the bouffant. This style was created by piling hair on top of the head and setting it in place with a spray of hairspray. The hair was then flicked around the sides with a curved shape.

Another popular hairstyle was the pixie. Often characterized by smooth and boyish curls, the pixie was a favorite of celebrities like Twiggy. Compared to the side-swept bob of the ’60s, the pixie was shorter and sleek. Marilyn Monroe and Jane Fonda wore this style.

Another popular hairstyle during the ’60s was the mullet. It is usually parted in the middle, with the top layer being shorter than the rest of the hair. Hairstyles for men were often paired with thick bangs.

In the early ’60s, the hippie movement influenced many hairstyles. Long hippie haircuts had a wavy texture and fringe that reached over the face. Joni Mitchell, Dusty Springfield and Lady Bird Johnson were among the celebrities who wore this style.

The ’60s also witnessed the rise of natural hairstyles. This style was first seen during the civil rights movement and was later widely embraced. African American women were the main influencers of this trend.

Another popular hairstyle was the “flip”. It was a streamlined style that could be worn by women of all ages. It was easy to wear, and had an elegant feel.

An alternative style was the half up, half down, which had a relaxed texture. It was a great look for an evening look.

Another 1960s hairstyle that is still in style today is the flipped bob. This style was a great choice for women who have fine hair. Typically, this type of bob is worn with bobby pins or a hair accessory. For a more casual look, the flipped bob can be worn with a headband.

Whether you’re looking for a wavy or a straight strand, there’s a ’60s hairstyle that’s right for you. Especially if you’re a fan of the asymmetric five-point hairstyle that was popularized by Vidal Sassoon. Adding a few bobby pins is a simple way to add a touch of personality to your ’60s look.

During the ’60s, hairstyles were popular for both men and women. While women’s hairstyles were a rebellion against traditional forms, hairstyles for guys stayed true to the forms of the ’50s. Oftentimes, they were cut very short. A comb-over was a classic ’60s men’s hairstyle. Men’s comb-overs are the same as those that are commonly used by women, only with the sides cut straight.

The 60s saw the birth of a number of famous hairstyles, such as the bob, the pixie, the mullet and the bouffant. Although the ’60s was a turbulent time for many, it was also the time when the afro became an incredibly popular style.