What God Has Blessed Nothing Can Cure

What god has blessed nothing can curse

If you are a believer and have been blessed by God, then no one has the right to curse you. This should give you hope when people come to you and say negative things about you.

This should also fill you with faith that if God has blessed you, He cannot reverse it unless He chooses to. This should also help you to curb envy and jealousy in your life when it comes from people that are assigned to curse you or your family members.

Balak of Moab wanted to see the Israelites destroyed by curses because they were growing so large and strong that he thought Israel would take his kingdom (Numbers 22:10-12). He believed he could use a spiritual seer named Balaam to curse the Israelites.

When he asked the prophet Balaam to curse them, Balaam knew he was going up against God’s Word and if he said what Balak wanted him to say, he would surely die. Then he was told by God to stop him and only say what He wanted him to speak.

He was able to do this because God opened his spiritual eyes and opened Balaam’s heart too. He was even able to talk and testify to what God had done for him.

Then when Balaam began to curse the Israelites, God responded with an angel who blocked his words and sent him away. This is how God demonstrates his love for us by protecting the integrity of his Word!

Now, let’s read the rest of this passage.

Lesson 4: The Lord protects his word, His promises and His plans at any cost!

The story of Balak and Balaam is a reminder that God’s Word must prevail. It is the only thing that will stand against the enemy, Satan and his demons!

When the Word of God is challenged, then the sword of the Lord is drawn. The sword of the Lord is the Holy Spirit and it can smite the devil and his demonic forces down!

What is important to remember is that when someone goes against the word of God, it will never be successful.

When we go against the Word of God, it is a violation of our relationship with our Heavenly Father. This is why it is so important to stand on our own two feet and walk in obedience! We are called to be obedient and it takes hard work and sacrifice.