What Glasses Would Suit My Face?

when choosing glasses, it’s essential to keep in mind the shape of your face. Finding frames that complement your face shape will help create an aesthetically pleasing and balanced appearance.

As opposed to other face shapes, oval faces offer less restrictions when selecting frames for them; however, you should still avoid frames that are too narrow for your face shape.

Round Face

Round faces, as seen on celebrities like Michelle Williams and Aziz Ansari, are characterised by soft features such as full cheeks and wide forehead. When selecting frames to complement a round face, those that offer balance rather than exaggerate its curves should be prioritized.

Chunky or thick frames look wonderful on round faces, as these will add definition and height to the facial features, creating the appearance of thinner and longer features. Geometric frames also work well, featuring straight lines or angles to complement your natural curves of the face – ideal if you want to add boldness or style into your overall look!

Browline frames can also be an ideal way to elongate the upper portion of your face and draw attention away from it, making you appear longer-faced. Furthermore, these frames come in various colors to accommodate both men and women alike.

Another top choice for round faces is square frame glasses. Boasting classic design that has long been beloved among fashion-conscious wearers, square frames have long been one of the go-to styles when it comes to looking great in sunglasses. Crafted by hand from premium Stainless Steel for optimal craftsmanship and available in an assortment of colors – they make for versatile yet sophisticated additions for any wardrobe! Additionally, wide width options can accommodate virtually every face size making these frames an excellent option when searching for stylish yet comfortable daily commute glasses that won’t break the bank! Plus thicker styles can even accommodate prescription lenses!

Oval Face

oval faces are one of the most sought-after facial structures, being known for their balanced proportions, narrow forehead, high cheekbones that taper towards a wide chin, elegant proportions and wider features at the top than at the bottom. Thus making oval-shaped faces particularly versatile. Oval faces look fantastic with nearly all styles of glasses; however, any frames or hats which may unbalance this natural balance are best avoided.

Though you have many styles of eyeglasses to choose from when dressing an oval face shape, some of the best are aviator, rectangular, and cat-eye frames. These glasses will help highlight softer features of your face such as above the jawline while drawing attention to your browline for a bold yet feminine appearance.

To select glasses to complement an oval-shaped face, first measure its forehead width, cheekbones and chin length. Once this information has been determined, follow the above tips to select frames which suit both your unique features as well as match your facial structure.

While styles of glasses vary year to year, classic rectangle, square and aviator glasses remain popular with oval-shaped faces. These timeless designs can be personalized by adding bold colours or details for an individualistic touch that speaks volumes about you! Alternatively, more angular and daring frames might offer more of a statement look if that suits your personal aesthetic better.

Square Face

People with square-shaped faces possess strong jawlines, flat chins and broad foreheads which give them a balanced appearance. As their facial features don’t have as many curves to accentuate them with frames is important; the good news is there are a variety of shapes which look fantastic when worn on square faces!

No matter your face shape, Classic Specs offers frames designed to suit it – whether that means retro aviators glasses or more contemporary lines. Glasses designed specifically for square faces that sit higher on the bridge of the nose help draw focus upwards towards your cheekbones and downplay any angular features while making your facial structure seem less boxy and more balanced. Another style which works for those with square-shaped faces are browline glasses which mimic how eyebrows frame your face and highlight specific facial features.

Square-shaped faces may also benefit from wearing oversized oval frames as these help create balance with its strong horizontal lines and draw attention away from your jawline, giving the appearance of slimmer and more confident features.

If you prefer more subdued eyewear that still lets your personality show through, consider wireframe glasses. These thin frames are an elegant choice for square-shaped faces and pair beautifully with casual attire such as jeans and tees; some models even feature decorative details on their frames for an eye-catching touch!

Triangular Face

Triangular faces have the advantage of having an harmonious facial structure with strong jawlines, so glasses designed specifically to complement this feature should provide balance. Triangular faces tend to be narrow at the top and middle but wider at the bottom; to maintain this symmetry it’s essential that glasses provide balance – choose frames with wider bottom edges or curving lines to soften angles of cheekbones and soften angles between cheekbones; you could also consider “browline glasses”, which add strength without overshadowing other aspects of your appearance.

Inverted triangle face shapes feature broadest areas near the forehead and narrowest at the chin, so glasses that add width can enhance their look. You have plenty of choices available such as square, cat-eye or rectangle frames – you could even try out bolder looks such as oversized frames!

Wayfarer glasses are another stylish and timeless solution for people with inverted triangle face shapes, as they offer an effortlessly timeless appearance. Other frames might include aviator or rectangular frames with their rounder edges that help soften angular features of the face.

Once you understand which frames best complement your face shape, Mouqy offers a selection of glasses tailored specifically to you and your features. With its online virtual mirror feature allowing you to see how their chosen frames will appear when placed against your features, making sure there is no room for error when making decisions about glasses that suit you!

Long Face

If you have a long face, opt for frames that add width to your appearance and help balance your features by making your head appear shorter in comparison to the rest of your facial features. Tall square framed glasses can add confidence and versatility if you have longer hair; alternatively try adding an oversized wire frame as another fashion statement!

Cat-eye shaped glasses are another good choice for people with long faces, as they help widen your face and create an elongated appearance. Be wary, however, not to choose too pointy of a design as this will draw too much attention to your forehead and could make you appear overly stylised.

Opt for two-toned frames as these will help broaden the appearance of your face. Long faces tend to feature narrow features, so having sharp edges complementing these features with two-toned glasses could add an element of broadening your features.

If you are uncertain which frames would best complement your long facial structure, we suggest taking advantage of our Virtual Try-On tool. It allows you to see which frames would complement it the most before making your selection. Your phone camera can even capture a picture of you for comparison against different frame shapes that could best compliment it! Once you find the ideal pair of frames for yourself, all that remains is to enjoy them and look your best!