What Food Attracts Lizards?

What food attracts lizards

Lizards love to hide in dark, cool places and can be found in the back of your home, behind sheds or garden beds, and even in the bottom of compost piles. They also love to eat foods left behind by people, such as breadcrumbs and fruits and vegetables.

The most common lizards you’ll find in the wild are skinks and geckos. These stout reptiles can grow to be about 60 cm long and are found in most tropical countries. They are omnivores, which means they eat both insects and plants.

Their diet depends on their life stage and they require different amounts of nutrients as they grow. Baby lizards eat more food (proportional to their body weight) than adults as they are growing quickly and need a larger intake of food to keep up with their energy needs.

A healthy diet includes a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some are more beneficial for lizards than others, so discuss this with your veterinarian or reptile expert to ensure your pet gets the nutrients they need in a proper diet.

Some fruits and vegetables that lizards love include bananas, grapes, yams, bell peppers, carrots, strawberries, dandelion greens, and turnip greens. They can be chopped up and served as a treat or added to a daily meal.

Another important dietary item for lizards is protein-rich foods like crickets, ants, spiders, worms and small fish. These insects can be purchased in bulk and are a great source of nutrition for a variety of reptiles, including house lizards.

If you have a large yard or outdoor area, consider adding some ground covers and a variety of rocks and logs to make the space more attractive to lizards. This will help them camouflage themselves and avoid predators.

You can also plant a variety of herbs and flowers to create natural hiding spots for lizards. Using herbs like thyme and rosemary is especially effective. Alternatively, you can add peppermint and eucalyptus to the ground around your garden.

Lizards have a strong sense of smell and can identify their scent, so if you place a fragrant herb or flower around your home, they may not want to come close. You can also add scented candles and potpourri to your space, but be sure not to use them in bedrooms or bathrooms.

Pest control methods to deter lizards

To keep lizards out of your home, seal cracks and gaps on doors and windows. Trim shrubberies and busheries where lizards often hide, and don’t use pesticides in your garden.

Keeping your home cool and dark will also discourage lizards from making it their home. If you have bright lights, turning them off when you’re not using them can also deter lizards.

Many lizards are attracted to bright light because it gives them heat, but some species are more nocturnal and prefer darker spaces. If you have a lot of windows, you might want to install blinds or shades.