What Does it Mean to Be Childlike?

What does it mean to be childlike?

We often hear the word “childlike” used to describe a person who is acting or speaking in an immature, annoying, or self-centred way. This is usually done as a judgment on that person, or to criticize them. However, there is a much more nuanced and accurate meaning to the term childlike that has been used in the Bible and has gone down through the ages as a good thing.

When we see the difference between a person who is childlike and someone who is not, we can begin to understand why it is so important that we be open and welcoming of children in our lives. We can also learn from the ways that children act, think and feel.

One of the most obvious ways that children behave is by asking questions. They will ask a question about something that they don’t have the answer to, or about something that is so big and scary that they simply can’t wrap their heads around it. They will even ask about things that are not so serious, like if there is a puppy outside the house or what that guy with the black hair on his head is wearing.

They are not afraid to ask a question, for they know that there will be an answer. They are also not afraid to ask a question to someone they know and trust. They will not be embarrassed if they ask their parents a question or get curious about the feminine care aisle at Target.

Another way that people can be childlike is by embracing their parents’ love and acceptance for who they are. When a parent loves you, they are going to be there for you and help you to grow as you learn about yourself. This kind of unconditional love is a gift from God that can only come to us through His Son Jesus Christ.

You can become childlike by letting your parents’ love fill you with joy, confidence, and courage to face your fears and try new things. You can do this by focusing on what is important to them, learning from their example and growing up in their love.

A third way that you can become childlike is by playing with children. Whether it is with your own children, or kids from your church, play with them and lose yourself in the games you are playing.

Embracing the childlike qualities of faith can be an extremely rewarding experience, and it can help you to mature in your relationship with God. This can make you a better, more faithful Christian as you learn how to trust and be trusted in your relationship with God. When you are childlike in your faith, you will have an unrelenting desire to learn more about God and the world He created. This will allow you to grow in your understanding of God and His ways, and ultimately to live a life that is pleasing to Him.