What Does Cheesecake Mean Sexually?

You might have heard the expression “Cheesecake,” but do you know what it means sexually? The word itself is very simple, but it conveys a very complex meaning. In addition to being a slang term for dessert, it can also mean a girl’s buttocks. Let’s take a look at its meaning and origin. Also, don’t forget the euphemism, “eating cake,” which refers to sex on the beach.


The word “cheesecake” conjures images of pinups and scantily clad young women. However, there is no definitive definition for this sensual dessert. The name owes more to cultural associations than any scientific research. Eating sensual food, particularly cheesecake, can increase arousal.

Cheesecake is a creamy dessert that is made with cream and soft cheese. It’s often served on a cake crust or graham cracker. This is a decadent dessert, and is often paired with fruit. While cheesecake is a fattening dessert, its image as a sexually attractive woman is highly reductive.


The term “cheesecake” has a long history of association with the sexuality of women. The phrase is attributed to James Kane, a photographer for The New York Journal, who famously stated when posing an attractive young woman that “nothing is better than a cheesecake.”


“Cheesecake” is an old term for a sexually attractive woman. The word first appeared in the mid-15c. It is also a figurative term meaning “soft.” Its current slang meaning dates back to 1934 and a “Time” magazine article defining it as leg-pictures of sporty females. It was originally associated with Marlene Dietrich. The term later became associated with pin-up imagery, a type of photography in which young women are depicted in scantily clad poses.

While cheesecake may sound like a sexually suggestive word, it’s actually a slang term that has been used for years to describe attractive women. The term has been used for a long time, dating back to the 1660s, but has fallen out of fashion today. The term “cheesecake” has been used to describe women who are stereotypically attractive, a kind of female version of “beefcake.” Cheesecake works of art are also known as pin-ups, and are the female equivalent of beefcake.


Cheesecake is a rich dessert cake made with soft cheese and a crispy base. Traditionally, the dessert has been associated with scantily clad young women. It has now become a taboo in locker rooms, where it is illegal to display it. But the origin of the term cheesecake is murky. Some say it’s a slang term for a woman’s buttocks.

Meaning in slang

The term cheesecake is used to refer to a dessert consisting of a base made of a crumbly topping, sweetened cream cheese, eggs, and sugar, topped with a crunchy topping. It is also commonly known as a cheesecake pie. Cheesecakes come in both baked and unbaked varieties, and are considered a fattening dessert.

The word cheesecake originated in the mid-15th century, when it was used to refer to a tart or cake. However, the term shifted to its current meaning, which dates to a 1934 article. The term is often associated with the actress Marlene Dietrich. In the mid-20th century, cheesecake became a slang term for any cake or tart made of cheese.

Meaning in euphemism

The word “cheesecake” is often used in slang to refer to a girl’s buttocks. Although it’s a common expression, its sexual meaning is not always clear. In one case, the DNCE band used it to describe having sex at the beach, which was a coincidence, since the band’s debut single was titled “Cake by the Ocean.”