What Does a Traffic Manager Do in Advertising?

What Does a Traffic Manager Do?

In advertising agencies, a traffic manager is the person responsible for ensuring that marketing material and work goes from the account service team to the creative teams and back again on time. This requires them to manage the workflow and keep all parties informed of the latest developments as projects move through the agency.

During the planning stage of an advertisement campaign, they collaborate with the account management team to discuss the scope of work and create a framework for scheduling workflow. During this process, they coordinate with media planners to confirm copy dates for advertisements. They also identify external service providers such as illustrators, photographers, video production companies and printers who will be contributing to the campaign.

As the project moves forward, they may oversee collating status reports for all active projects to maintain transparency across the agency. They may also assign resources and people to each task and monitor the progress of each project until it is completed.

They ensure that deadlines are met and check with the account service team for an extension or a new job if one is needed. They also work to ensure that all the necessary materials are available for the creatives and production team to complete their projects on time, keeping the client happy along the way.

The primary goal of a traffic manager is to make sure that all work flows smoothly through the advertising agency, according to Robert Half Talent Solutions. The traffic manager coordinates with various departments, including media, marketing, creative and production, to ensure that all work is delivered on time and in accordance with client requirements.

Traffic managers often use scheduling software to keep track of the different stages of an advertisement campaign and ensure that each team member is working on tasks and projects in the right order. They issue schedules to their team members, which outline the specific dates and times when their advertising campaigns will appear in newspapers and magazines or in television and radio commercial breaks.

A traffic manager is usually responsible for generating status reports, which provide updates on the status of a project to everyone involved in the project. They also conduct weekly status meetings with their team and account executives to ensure that all the projects in production are moving as expected.

Those who have a passion for technology and a flair for design are ideal candidates for this job, as they will be able to manage multiple project deliverables. They should also have good people-management skills and be able to communicate effectively with other team members.

Digital Advertising & Analytics

A traffic manager uses data to improve the effectiveness of a company’s online advertising campaigns, as well as their ability to generate sales leads. They also analyze consumer behavior and predict future interactions that will benefit the business.

They use this data to develop promotional campaigns that will encourage customers to visit the company’s website or download a mobile app. They also monitor their own ad campaigns, making adjustments based on performance data.