What Does a Blocked Buyer See on eBay?

What Does a Blocked Buyer See On eBay?

Many sellers on eBay are grateful for their customers, and they enjoy strong relationships with them. However, sometimes a buyer who is less than honest or a bad seller can cause problems for merchants.

Thankfully, there are ways to protect yourself from these situations and keep your sales and reputation safe. For example, you can block buyers on your account who have a history of non-payment and/or negative feedback. This will save you a lot of headaches down the road, and it could even increase your selling volume.

How to Block Buyers on eBay

To block buyers on your account, you must log into your eBay account and navigate to your Account Settings from the drop-down menu beside your name. Then, select Selling Preferences and scroll down to the Buyers section.

You’ll then want to click Edit beside the Blocked Buyers List. Here, you can add or remove the usernames of any buyers you’d like to block.

Once you’ve added the users, hit “Submit.” Now, the blocked buyers won’t be able to bid or buy from your listings anymore, and they won’t be able to contact you through email or the phone.

How to Unblock a Buyer on eBay

If you’ve changed your mind about blocking a buyer, simply return to this page and delete the user’s name from the text box. The next time you go to the “Block Bidders or Buyers from Your Listings” page, they’ll be removed from your list and you can resume communicating with them.

How to Block Users by Country and State

If a buyer is in the same state or country as you, they can still purchase from you if they live in another area. However, if you’d rather avoid shipping to them, you can block them on your eBay account by going to “Blocked buyers,” then selecting “State and country” under the Buyer preferences tab.

How to Block a Buyer for Negative Feedback

If your customers leave negative feedback about your products, you can also block them on eBay by going to your Account Settings and clicking “Blocking” under the Selling Preferences tab. This will prevent them from leaving any reviews in the future and it’s a great way to maintain a positive reputation on eBay.

How to Block Buyers by Country and State

If you’re worried that a particular buyer may be trying to sell your products on another website, you can block them on your eBay account. This will prevent them from placing any bids or purchasing your items, and it’s a simple process that doesn’t take up much time at all.

How to Block Buyers for Negative Feedback

If the buyer you’re trying to block leaves negative feedback about your product, it’s a good idea to report them to eBay. This will help the company remove any wrongly-made defects and ensure you get credit for your efforts.

If a buyer has made a mistake and isn’t paying for an item, you can also block them on eBay by contacting customer service. They’ll be able to assist you in correcting the issue as quickly as possible.