What Documents Do I Need to Send to Change Name on Driving Licence?

No matter if you are changing to your spouse’s name after marriage or back to your birth name after divorce; or perhaps hyphenating both names; certain documents must be provided to the DMV when changing your driving licence name. As part of this process, first update your Social Security card.

Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are vital records that establishes legal identities of those born. They’re used for many official purposes, including applying for passports, social security cards and driver’s licenses – as well as online identity verification. If you need to change the name of your child you can file a Petition for Individual Minor’s Change of Name with either county or Supreme Courts and sign it by either biological parent, legal guardian, next friend or both – additionally both parents must be served with it and sign a Consent Form both forms must be notarized!

If the hospital where you were born made an error on your birth certificate, an Acknowledgment of Corrected Birth Data form may be available from either them or the county clerk’s office. While this won’t change your birth date or gender, it could possibly correct other issues like incorrect addresses or parent names.

New York state requires that all births be registered. If you were born within its borders, if possible you can obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate from the Department of Health. It will include your full name, date and place of birth – this document also serves as proof that sex occurred at birth as well as mother/father names if applicable – however there are two types available – short form for domestic purposes (name/birthplace/date/sex at birth/mother and father’s names etc) while long form certificates contain additional details that include additional information used by dual citizens or international adoptions.

If you were born outside the U.S., obtaining a certified copy of your birth certificate from its embassy or consulate can take some time; usually several weeks at least. Sometimes the Embassy/Consulate issues a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA), which serves the same function and can be used in its place for most purposes.

Marriage Certificate

If you and your partner are getting married, it’s time to decide on an official name for yourselves. Options may include keeping your own, taking your spouse’s or changing it completely; for more assistance on this topic you should contact your county clerk; they should be able to help with all necessary paperwork.

Proof of both identities should include your driver’s license or other form of photo identification, certified copies of any court-ordered name changes and an official document linking both names (such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree).

Important note about changing your name: before changing it on any license or ID cards, first make the change with the Social Security Administration. You can do this by visiting one of its offices directly and getting it registered there. Afterward, apply to change it accordingly on those documents.

Make the process simpler by having all of your paperwork prepared prior to visiting the DMV. If unsure, check your state’s DMV website or call them directly for guidance on what documents may be needed.

Once you’ve gathered all the required documentation, it is time to visit the DMV. Make an appointment ahead of time, and arrive a few minutes early for it.

Bring all the paperwork required of you, including photo identification and any valid government-issued identification cards (i.e. passport). In addition, bring along any applicable forms such as an application for name change, notarized letters from both spouses stating their reasons for changing, completed name change applications and any necessary forms of documentation that may be needed for approval.

Dependent upon your circumstances, additional documents may be required of you – birth certificates, bank statements, utility bills or proof of residency being the main ones. Citizens will typically present an original birth certificate with raised seal while permanent residents require copies of both visas and immigration records as proof.

Divorce Decree

A divorce decree is the legal document that legally declares your marriage over and outlines its terms – such as child custody/visitation agreements, spousal support (alimony), division of marital assets/debt, name change orders by courts during divorces etc. Divorce decrees are public records; to obtain copies contact the county clerk of court where your divorce took place; however a fee will usually apply.

Proof of your name change should come in the form of a state-issued birth certificate, court-ordered name change order or Deed Poll document. In addition, passport or other government-issued photo ID with your new name must also be presented – you could even use utility bills or bank statements that show both names and addresses as evidence of change.

As a member of the military, you must present an original or certified letter from your commanding officer verifying your name change, along with a certified or amended birth certificate that includes both. Additionally, if any documents presented do not include English translations then an original certified English translation must also be presented.

Notify the Social Security Administration of your name change either by visiting one of their offices directly, or calling their number listed on your card. When doing this, bring both your current driver’s license and documentation of your new name for verification by Social Security Administration staff.

Once your name change has been approved by the Social Security Administration, it is essential that other agencies and businesses that deal with you directly are informed as soon as possible. These could include banks, credit card companies, mortgage firms, insurers or service providers. Most will request copies of your legal name change documents or certified copies of your divorce decree for verification purposes.

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Court Order

An individual wishing to legally change their name can obtain a court order through various documents, such as divorce decree, marriage certificate or deed poll. You will need to present evidence of this change before paying the filing fee and providing identification proof; furthermore the court may also require that they publish your new name in local newspapers; in this instance you will need to file the Order of Publication with the Clerk’s Office.

A judge will review your petition and decide if a hearing is necessary or not, before making a ruling regarding whether your name change should be approved or denied. Once granted, if approved the clerk will fill out an “Order Granting Leave to Change Name,” which you must sign before having it notarized at a bank for a small fee – usually nearby notaries public will provide this service at short notice and provide their verification on the last page of your document.

For New York State driver’s license or ID card name changes, visit your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office with proof that links your old and new names together, such as marriage certificate or court-ordered name change record. Also verify your date of birth through Social Security Administration.

To change the name on a New Hampshire car registration, visit the Secretary of State’s office and provide proof of name change along with an Affidavit Registration Affirmation form. After receiving these documents from you, he or she will issue new titles and registration in your new name.

Military members may only change their name on their driver’s license or ID card at an official DMV office in person, using similar documentation. You may download or request forms ahead of time from their website – once approved, they should arrive shortly afterwards!