What Do You Say When Cutting a Wedding Cake?

It’s a sweet and sentimental tradition: the bride and groom take their first bite of wedding cake together. Whether they use their forks to eat it carefully or delightfully smash it into each other’s faces, the couple’s first bite together marks an important moment of unity and sweetness as newlyweds.

Before the cake cutting ceremony, it’s important to make sure that your guests are aware of what’s about to happen. You can do this by making an announcement or asking your DJ to play a song that’s food-related or something that will get everyone excited.

Once the music starts, it’s time to cut your cake. A professional baker will have a knife ready for you, and you can choose to cut it in either of the two standard ways: the box method or the wedge method. The box method involves holding the cake knife with both hands and cutting a line into the cake. Once the slice is cut, it’s then gently lifted out with a serving knife and placed on a plate. This is a great option for couples who want to be neat and tidy with their cake cuts.

The wedge method is similar to the box method but allows for a bit more flinch-free fun. The bride and groom place their hands on the cake knife and cut a smaller line an inch over from the first one for a wedge shape. Then, they use the knife to lift out the slice and serve it on a plate. This is a wonderful option for couples who are hoping to avoid having frosting smeared on their faces or don’t care for the traditional “cake smash”.

You may have some guests who are eager to leave before the cake cutting ceremony takes place. However, wedding etiquette dictates that the couple must enjoy their cake before they can begin to say their goodbyes.

Don’t forget about the to-go boxes. Make sure that you have to-go boxes near the cake serving area so that your guests can take a piece of your wedding cake with them when they leave. This is an especially good idea if you’re having a late-night snack after your reception since there’s no better midnight snack than cake!

Don’t skip the cake smash. If you’re having a traditional wedding cake, this is an opportunity to get some sweet and messy photos of you and your fiancé together. However, if you’re not particularly fond of the idea, consider opting for another dessert. Cupcakes are a great alternative that are still just as delicious and won’t get your face covered in frosting. Just be sure to talk it over with your partner beforehand so that you both know what to expect on the big day. After all, your first moments as a married couple shouldn’t be stressful or full of regrets!