What Do You Say For a 100th Birthday?

What do you say for a 100th birthday?

Turning 100 is a special milestone that only a few people ever achieve. It is a day to be celebrated by friends, family members and loved ones.

If you know a centenarian, this is a time to send them a card and wish them well on their special day. If you don’t know a centenarian, there are many ways you can find a person that is turning 100 and send them a card.

You can search for a 100-year-old on Craigslist, local nursing homes or even do a quick Google search. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday for a close friend, coworker or loved one, this is a great way to send them a card and show them how much they are valued.

When writing a greeting for a centennial birthday, it is important to include as much personal information about the birthday celebrant as possible. This will make the message more personalized and memorable for the birthday person.

Organize the information in a chronological progression of events, starting with the birthday celebrant’s birth and ending with his most recent accomplishments. For example, if you are writing a greeting for someone who was born in 1918, begin with the state of the world at that time and move on to discuss his later accomplishments.

Another way to incorporate information about the birthday celebrant’s life is to ask his friends or family members for a memory that is meaningful to him or relates to his accomplishments. If you’re unable to get enough information from family members and friends, you can also do some historical research.

For example, if the birthday person was a baseball player during his life, you could mention his career and the players that he played with or against. Or if the birthday person was a politician at a particular time in history, you can mention the presidents that he served.

By taking the time to write a personal and detailed birthday greeting for your centenarian, you will be paying tribute to their incredible longevity. They are an inspiration to us all and deserve to be recognized on their special day!