What Do Salons Use to Clean Hair Brushes?

Hairdressers are among the professionals most familiar with maintaining strict hygiene in their workplaces. That’s why they are a good source to ask about the best ways to clean and disinfect hair brushes.

Cleaning and sanitizing brushes is a crucial beauty chore that’s often neglected by home users. Hair products, residue, dirt, dust mites and natural hair oils build up on combs and brushes over time, turning them into a breeding ground for bacteria. And if these substances end up back on the scalp, they can cause inflammation and other problems.

This is why many people choose to get their brushes and combs cleaned in a salon. It’s also a great way to ensure that your comb and brush are properly maintained, so they last longer and work better.

When it comes to keeping hair tools clean and hygienic, a salon takes several precautions to avoid the transfer of germs from one client to another. They usually use a combination of warm water, mild shampoo and vinegar solutions to clean brushes and combs.

They also sanitize their brushes and combs between clients, using rotary cleaners that have tiny bristles to quickly remove any residue from the comb or hairbrush. They then soak them in a disinfectant solution for about 15 minutes to kill any bacteria that may have accumulated on the comb or hairbrush. Some salons also use a disinfectant hot oven to sterilize their hair brushes.

After cleaning the brushes and combs, they are rinsed thoroughly with warm water to remove any soapy residue left behind. Then, they’re ready for the next client to use!

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