What Do Kids Do During Detention?

If you’ve been told you’re going to have to spend a few hours in the detention room, you might be wondering what kids do in detention. Depending on your school’s rules, this may mean nothing or it may involve a whole lot of activities. For instance, some schools will assign you homework during this time. This is meant to deter bad behavior. Others will simply give you a book to read. However, you can also find many educational games that can be played in the detention room.

You can try to pass the time by playing your favorite video game, reading your favorite novel, or listening to music. But remember that you don’t want to break the rules, which can lead to more trouble. Keep your headphones on low and keep the volume down. Otherwise, you might get caught.

In addition to the typical classroom activities, students can also try to pass the time in the detention room by participating in extra credit assignments. Some teachers assign these to students who have failed to complete their work or who have not stayed in class. Extra credit helps students earn points and can also encourage them to do better in class.

Another way to pass the time in the detention room is by cleaning the classroom. It can help improve the cleanliness of the classroom and teach students the consequences of their actions. Additionally, it can help them learn about personal hygiene.

Some teachers will allow their students to do a little bit of “quiet reading” during detention, as long as it’s an educational activity. A good rule of thumb is to choose a book you enjoy, as some teachers may be too strict to allow reading that’s not strictly educational.

Another great detention activity is to journal. This is a form of writing that requires students to take notes, write down their thoughts, and reflect on what they’ve learned. Not only is this an effective way to learn, it can also benefit the students’ overall psyche.

Another great idea is to take a short one-on-one session. By working one-on-one with a student, you can improve your student’s behavior. Moreover, it can give you a valuable personal insight into what’s going on in their life.

You can also pass the time by playing games, completing a math problem, or completing an extra credit assignment. Your school might even have its own library. Make sure to stay on top of your personal duties before you head to the detention room, so you don’t miss out on anything important.

While you’re at it, you might consider watching a movie or playing with your cell phone. There are plenty of teachers who don’t ban cell phones in the detention room, so you won’t have to worry about it being confiscated.

The main reason to use the detention clock is to improve student behavior. Whether they’re struggling with academics or social skills, detention can be a useful way to teach them how to behave.