What Do Blood Drive Volunteers Do?

What do blood drive volunteers do?

Volunteers play an important role in ensuring that every eligible donor can safely participate in blood and bone marrow donation events. They provide support in many ways, including helping check in donors, running raffles and providing refreshments after donating.

Helping donors feel welcome is an especially important responsibility at community blood drives. It helps ensure that they have a positive experience and encourage them to return for future donations.

Meet and greet donors at blood drives or donor centers, provide confident, pleasant directions, and register them using a simple computer program (training provided). Qualifications: A desire to help, excellent communication skills, and dependable, friendly, attentive people who enjoy working with others.

Monitor donor safety and record accurate information to register donors at blood drives or donor centers in a safe and secure manner, using a computer system that is easy to use and understand. Maintain a cheerful and professional attitude while registering donors, and observe them for adverse reactions that may occur following the donation process.

Educate potential and current blood donors on the importance of giving at community and school events. Qualifications: a desire to educate, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, comfort speaking in front of large groups, attention to detail, and a positive and outgoing personality.

Offer guidance to new or lapsed blood donors on the types of red cells, platelets and automated apheresis blood donations available and the benefits and differences of each. Opportunities exist at all LifeStream fixed-site centers and mobile drives, with days, evenings and weekends available.

Deliver coolers of donated blood to hospitals in a safe and timely manner for patients who are in need. Whether fulfilling an everyday order or a special, emergency one, these deliveries are counted on by doctors and hospital personnel to complete the cycle of donating.

Assist with the general maintenance of buildings and grounds at LifeStream headquarters to enhance the physical appearance and cleanliness of the facility for staff, visitors and donors. These duties are performed under the direction of and in partnership with facilities personnel, and responsibilities include removing clutter, cleaning and performing other tasks needed to maintain a clean and professional look throughout LifeStream buildings and surrounding areas.

Greet and greet donor at blood drives or donor centers, assist with the registration of donors in a safe and timely manner, and provide information on the automated apheresis donation process of donating red cells or platelets. Observe donors for adverse reactions that may occur following the donation experience and notify on-site nurses immediately.

Provide refreshment to donors after donating in a canteen area that is accessible from the parking lot or at an on-site donor center and offer snack choices for the replenishment of vital body fluids.