What Complements Brown Eyes?

When it comes to complimenting brown eyes, you have a variety of options. You can use eye-catching jewelry, wear dark colors, or apply a pop of color with the help of eyeliner.

One of the best ways to enhance your brown eyes is to wear a shade of gold. This will draw attention to the area in your eyes that is usually left out of the equation, and will give your complexion a boost. Try a bold reddish orange. It will not be as garish as the brightest of reds, but it will complement your darker colored eyes.

Another great way to compliment brown eyes is to use a robin’s egg blue. A light shade of this color will give your eyes a glow that will make them look more vibrant. Lighter shades of blue will also contrast well with pale browns.

Getting the right look for your brown eyes will help you to stand out from the crowd. If you have cool toned skin, you’ll want to try lighter and cooler colors, while warm skin will go better with yellows and oranges. Cool colors tend to highlight your eyes more than warm ones.

You can also highlight your eyes with a bit of mascara. A lighter shade will give the illusion of a colored shadow, while a darker one will add depth and sexiness to your overall look.

For the ultimate in sophistication, try a dark liner. You can even extend it out of the wing, for a sophisticated look that will be sure to turn heads. However, if you’re not the makeup kind, it may be easier to opt for a slick and smooth lipstick instead. The best part is that it will not smudge or crease.

You can also show off your eye color with a bright gold eyeshadow. This is the perfect way to showcase your brown eyes, and will look particularly good with neutral tones and brown brows.

If you’re going to do your brown eyes justice, you’ll need to take the time to choose the right shade. Makeup artists have the expertise to make you look your best. They can help you to find the perfect hue, while giving you tips on how to keep it looking polished all day long.

There are plenty of other things to compliment your eyes, including chocolate and the blue o’ the moon. Although this can’t be measured exactly, it’s a solid contender.

In the same vein, you can also use green and purple to show off your eyes. These are both more subtle than the aforementioned yellow or orange. Purple and blue are also analogous colors, which means they will work to your advantage.

Finally, you can do your part to bring out your brown eyes with the right shade of mascara. While you’re at it, you’ll want to invest in a pair of quality eyeliners. With a little bit of practice and a little help from your beauty advisor, you’ll be ready for a night on the town in no time.