What Colors Make You Look Younger?

Professionals have identified certain hues that help people to appear younger. By opting for vibrant hues like these, experts believe you can defy time while looking great even with simple outfits.

Lighter hair colors can help reverse time by acting like anti-agers; honey blondes with subtle red and brown highlights work especially well at doing just this. Black, grey, or other dark hues that draw the eye away from fine lines and wrinkles should be avoided for best results.

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Lilac Purple

There are various beauty regimens, diets, and injections that promise to reverse time and make you look younger; but sometimes all it takes to look years younger is selecting the appropriate hues when styling your hair.

Zizi, an established fashion expert on TikTok fashion tips for older women, demonstrates how the right colors can add or subtract years from both your face and body. She suggests mature fashionistas switch out pigmented purple shades for warmer lilac tones which highlight facial features more effectively than pigmented purple hues do. Furthermore, she advises them against green shades in favor of mint, which highlights your skin without washing it away completely.

She recommends dark grey or navy blue shades instead, which she finds far more flattering for mature skin tones. Neutrals such as cream, off white, tan and gold shades also work to reflect light onto your skin and appear younger-looking; soft colors like rose pinks, corals, lavender powder blue teals or pale lilac are great ways to help combat signs of age.

Hair color can have an incredible impact on how old we appear, with many older adults opting for black locks as they age. But there are other more fashionable choices available that could turn back time – dusty silver to bring out brightness in eyes and make skin glowing; rich platinum blonde with ashy undertones brightens complexion, softening appearance of fine lines while helping blend in any stray white hairs that arise over time.

A balayage highlight can create a natural-looking youthful glow for any blonde, while caramel highlights add a pop of color that draws attention to your face. If you want to try lighter shades but are wary of making permanent commitments, ask your stylist to add face-framing streaks or opt for home highlighting services for similar effects.

Caramel Brown

Caramel brown hair can be an excellent choice for women seeking to age gracefully without going blonde. This shade looks incredible on dark brunettes, but can also add dimension to lighter locks with golden undertones. From subtle sun-kissed highlights to full head caramel highlights, caramel will instantly brighten up your face and make you appear younger – the best part? They require minimal upkeep compared to their blonde counterparts so as not to show any unwanted brassy tones!

Gina Rodriguez showcases a subtle caramel and honey highlight to brighten her hair without going blonde, adding dimension and drawing attention to her beautiful facial features. Additionally, she sports an elegant long bob with side-swept bangs which frames her face beautifully.

Another beautiful way to wear caramel highlights is with a ribbon of color similar to Tortoiseshell. This look uses both chocolate and caramel hues for an intricately multidimensional shade, perfect for creating Tortoiseshell effects. When trying this look for the first time, we advise using color shampoo and conditioner to avoid brassiness.

Longer haired women looking for more drama can achieve it by adding chunky caramel highlights. Naomie Harris famously achieved this look, transitioning her dark mahogany roots into rich caramel hue without harsh blonde highlights – an option ideal for dark-haired ladies wanting lighter locks that requires minimal upkeep and maintenance.

Caramel and honey shades look beautiful on all skin tones, particularly medium and neutral-toned brunettes. If you prefer caramel blonde tones, choose one with golden undertones to complement your complexion and ensure an ideal match.

For best results on cool skin tones, choose an ashy blonde so as to avoid looking brassy on dark locks. Ashy undertones will also conceal any gray hairs you may have and make them blend naturally with your natural color – like what Priyanka Chopra Jonas sports with caramel and gold highlights; her fair complexion complements it beautifully.


Turquoise is an eye-catching color popular in jewelry designs. According to experts, turquoise releases a glowing vitality that helps reenergize both body and mind, leaving one feeling younger and looking great! Easy to incorporate into your wardrobe as it works well on almost all skin tones; add it as part of a scarf, bracelet, or necklace and brighten up your look instantly!

Other colors to help make you look younger include light tints of yellow, red and blue-green. Avoid dark hues that rob your face of its natural colors – such as navy dress with cream skirt or white shirt with dark blazer – since they tend to make you appear older. When wearing darker colors it’s wiser to contrast them with lighter neutrals so as not to look heavy or drab on you; pairing navy dress with cream skirt or white shirt and dark blazer may work nicely.

Another way to maintain a youthful appearance is avoiding tight clothing that draws attention to middle age spread and makes you appear older. Instead, choose clothing with looser fits. Furthermore, switch out long shapeless cardigans for trendy short ones.

Bright colors such as pinks, lilacs, and purples can help make you look younger by amplifying the vibrancy in your complexion and disguising signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Grays and blacks should be avoided to avoid washing out your skin and emphasizing any imperfections such as acne scarring.

If you are over 40 and still love wearing bold colors, try pairing them with soft neutrals like beiges or tans to reflect light onto your face and give an illusion of younger skin. Or use these hues as accessories such as colorful scarves or necklaces worn with jeans or plain tops.

Make the colors part of your daily look by wearing eyeliner or mascara in these hues, as well as using pink and purple lipstick shades on lips for fuller, younger-looking lips.


Ageing is inevitable, but you can delay its effects by finding ways to look younger. While beauty regimens, injections, diets and moisturizers exist to help reverse its effects; one simple styling tip works wonders: wearing red-hued clothing of different hues like fuchsia to raspberry. Red is widely recognized as being one of the best color choices to defy age – make sure your attire matches with that shade specifically!

Gelwicks suggests that to look younger, select a red with an undertone of violet or purple that will lighten your skin tone while adding youthful vibrance. Rich auburn hues may also add warmth and give the appearance of sun-kissed skin; however, red hues fade quickly so see your stylist every six weeks to keep up your vibrant hue!

Yellow is another youthful hue that can illuminate your features and make you appear radiant and vital, yet neon tones must be avoided to preserve natural coloring of your skin. If you’re uncertain which shade would suit you best, consult with a professional to identify whether your complexion has warm or cool undertones – shades containing blue may work better with cool tones while those containing more yellow may enhance warm tones.

No matter the garment, always pair it with soft neutral colors such as ivory, cream or pale beige to avoid overwhelming your complexion. Additionally, if bold colors scarves or necklaces help balance out your outfit and add some pops of color while remaining subtle in their use.

Avoid dark colors like blacks that can cast shadows across your face and draw attention to fine lines and under-eye circles, preferring more muted hues such as charcoal gray or navy blue to look younger and thinner. Pair black with an accent piece featuring soft pastel colors like a scarf or faux collar to encase your face with an overall softer color scheme.