What Color is Best For Bathroom Walls?

Paint comes in an endless range of shades to make a bathroom truly personal, yet selecting just one hue can completely alter its look and feel. Lighter hues will maximize reflection in mirrors while darker paint can bring drama and moody elegance.

Sherwin-Williams Icelandic is an exquisite, icy sky blue shade that will add spa-like tranquility to your bathroom. Pair it with white walls and natural wood elements for striking contrasts.


Brown is an ideal way to create a calming earth tone bathroom environment, making for easy coordination with any accent color and keeping small bathrooms bright and airy. Dark chocolate or lighter shades, brown adds an earthy look that is effortless in creating spa-like bathrooms.

Dark green is another soothing hue to consider for bathroom walls, pairing perfectly with natural wood elements and accented by bold black accents for an eye-catching statement. Jet-black charcoal can add an elegant, sophisticated feel and pair beautifully with white and metallic accessories for a timeless, sophisticated aesthetic.

Taupe is an adaptable neutral that’s ideal for bathrooms. Its warm undertones offer balance to cool white accents while avoiding an uninviting appearance, and come in various shades that range from brown-heavy taupe hues to ones with more gray undertones that appear more modern.

Bathroom paint colors with blue undertones can make an elegant contrast against the warm tones of wood and other surfaces, while helping prevent mildew and mold growth which is common due to insufficient ventilation and excess steam production. Blue also works well to prevent mildew build-up that’s often found in bathroom environments due to excess steam production.

No matter the style or design of bathroom you opt for, selecting an accent color that complements the rest of your home is key to creating a welcoming space. An appealing paint hue will boost feelings in the room that increase property values as potential buyers are drawn in by it.


Though black may not be your typical bathroom hue choice, its modern vibe and sophisticated contrast against white surfaces makes it a stand-out. Applying it as wall color helps your small space feel bright and spacious; decorate with bright hues like blues and greens to balance out its bold appearance and prevent it from feeling too stark; towels with light wood tones stand out beautifully against this background, while silver frames and fixtures add eye-catching contrast in the room.

If you’re willing to be daring, a deep charcoal bathroom paint color can be an elegant choice for any space. However, it works best in large bathrooms where its dramatic aesthetic can be accommodated by ample natural lighting during the day; otherwise it could overwhelm smaller bathrooms and create a cave-like ambience.

Softer shades of brown can also create an ambience of calm in your bathroom. Chocolate brown hues can be especially relaxing and pair beautifully with metallic gold fixtures and decor, while lighter tones offer more neutral backdrops that pair beautifully with accent colors such as pale blue.

Selecting the correct sheen when painting any room is of vital importance; however, selecting one suitable to withstand moisture is especially essential when painting a bathroom. A glossy semigloss or gloss sheen provides long-term coverage against moisture damage and provides long-lasting finishes.

Gray is an elegant wall color for any bathroom because of its sophisticated appeal that works well with various decor styles. A warm gray like Sherwin Williams’ Mindful Gray or Boothbay Gray from Benjamin Moore pairs beautifully with wood tones for an inviting aesthetic, while cool grays like Krypton or Weathered Mill from Magnolia may offer more soothing relaxation due to their cooler undertones.

Powder Blue

Light powder blue paint creates an inviting and relaxing ambience in any bathroom, according to interior designer Fleming James of Oliver Street Design. It can also energize small spaces by reflecting natural sunlight into them, according to James. Combine it with white trim, barn-style mirrors, and brass accents for an elevated look; best suited for bathrooms with plenty of natural light but can brighten dark spaces too.

Green bathroom wall colors offer soothing ambiences and make your bath feel like a spa-like retreat, creating the feeling that every moment spent there counts towards something great! Sage-hued tones such as Halcyon Green by Sherwin-Williams work beautifully when creating modern country decor, while more muted blue-green hues like Farrow and Ball’s Borrowed Light (an invocation of summer skies) complement both contemporary master baths and powder rooms alike. Gray Cashmere (with subtle taupe undertones) works equally well when creating neutral color schemes suitable for any decor style!

Selecting the ideal sheen for any room, but especially in a bathroom is of vital importance. High-gloss sheens offer increased resistance against damp conditions and mold growth while also concealing imperfections more effectively than satin or eggshell finishes do.

Picking out bathroom wall colors that complement your interior design scheme is the first step toward turning an ordinary bath into an inviting oasis that makes morning routines an absolute pleasure. Just remember to select colors that compliment one another to prevent creating an out-of-place space in your home.

Peachy Pink

If you want your bathroom to feel like an inviting retreat, choose a soothing shade of pink. It can help energize you in the morning and calm you at night while fitting well with various bathroom design styles.

If your bathroom features natural wood elements or classic tile patterns, a soft gray paint color could provide an ideal neutral backdrop. Sherwin Williams’ Agreeable Gray offers warm undertones that allow it to blend into any design style effortlessly.

When combined with warm, earthy materials like terra-cotta tiles, rich green paint colors such as Halcyon Green provide a striking visual contrast in any room. Plus, their muted hue pairs well with virtually every material or fixture in your bath while lending it an air of nature-inspired elegance that adds visual interest and elevates any bath space.

Darker green hues like Hunt Club from Sherwin-Williams are another excellent choice for bathrooms, offering more of an atmospheric vibe and being suitable as accent walls or larger bath spaces.

Creamy white paint is another fantastic choice for bathrooms. As a neutral hue that works well with most colors and can help illuminate any space by reflecting light, creamy white is sure to bring life and light into any bathroom space. If your bathroom gets plenty of natural sunlight, opt for semigloss finish so as to withstand humidity more effectively.

Peachy brown makes an excellent bathroom paint color choice, offering a warm alternative to orange. This shade pairs nicely with accent pieces such as brass fixtures or glazed pottery; however, when selecting complementary hues such as pale adobe or tomato red rather than neutral cream tones it should be taken into account when pairing this hue with other shades of color.

Stormy Blue

Blue tones are known for creating an inviting atmosphere in any bathroom space, offering the spa-like feeling that so many prefer in their spa bathrooms. Light shades like Sherwin-Williams Glass Slipper create this effect perfectly when combined with white tile or wood trim, while more saturated blue hues such as Krypton have subtle gray-green undertones that help prevent it from being too blue, making it suitable for cooler-toned tiles and finishes.

Green has become an increasingly popular color in bathrooms as homeowners embrace bringing nature indoors. Muted sage shades like Sherwin-Williams Halcyon Green create a fresh and relaxing ambience, while darker green hues like Healing Aloe from Sherwin-Williams give your bathroom an unexpected pop of color. Even in spaces that naturally have lots of natural lighting, green can still work because it reflects light back into your space.

As for neutral tones that work well in bathrooms right now, warm, earthy tones have proven popular choices. Sherwin-Williams Dove Wing is an earthy warm greige that complements any decor style while Agreeable Gray or Jasper can be great additions for providing contrast against dark or neutral tiles in a room.

No matter the shade of bathroom paint you select, it is crucial to choose one which is moisture-resistant and high sheen to avoid mold and mildew growth in the damp conditions of a bathroom. For lasting effects make sure it features either satin or semigloss sheen finishes – or both!