What Can I Use to Clean Outside of Aluminum Gutters?

Aluminum gutters are an excellent choice for home use as they don’t corrode like steel ones do, yet still contain mildew stains that build up over time. Frequent cleaning of aluminum gutters prevents this staining and keeps them looking their best!

Before beginning to clean your gutters, it’s essential that a ladder be placed in an optimal location to ensure stability. Be mindful of ladder safety practices and always wear rubber gloves and eye protection when handling chemicals.

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Gutter cleaning should always be conducted from a ladder, especially for one-story homes. To remain safe on your ladder, always set it up next to something that can support its weight, such as something heavy such as concrete. Also consider having someone assist by holding onto the ladder while working or providing tools as needed. Finally, ensure stability by placing a piece of plywood underneath its feet for additional support.

Once on a ladder, start by clearing away large debris from your gutters using a gutter scoop or garden trowel and depositing it in a bucket. Next, flush out your gutters and downspout using a garden hose by spraying water toward them until you feel confident that any clogs have been cleared away.

If your aluminum gutters have become stained, there are various cleaning products you can use to help. General-purpose cleaners that are safe for aluminum are often the best bet; for more stubborn stains you might try bleach mixtures or products designed specifically for aluminum gutters.

Power washers can help remove heavy dirt and grime from gutters. Just be wary not to apply too much pressure as this could potentially cause irreparable damage. Furthermore, when using one be sure to wear safety goggles and dust mask, as well as long-sleeved shirt and gloves to protect yourself against sharp metal screws. For maximum effectiveness use pressure washing when conditions are calm without wind gusts present.

If you feel uneasy climbing ladders, professional help might be best. They have access to more sophisticated equipment and may be able to reach hard-to-reach spots more effectively than you. To prevent injury from falling from ladders yourself, always use a stable one and take breaks every 30 minutes for leg and back restorative exercises; stabilizer arms on ladders can assist with keeping them firmly planted as you work.

Power Washer

Aluminum gutters can be cleaned using a power washer, but it’s essential to remember they must be supported by a sturdy ladder. If your ladder doesn’t reach high enough to reach the gutters safely, consider hiring professional services instead. In addition to a ladder, a garden hose with sprayer attachment and cleaning solution may be necessary; alternatively telescopic poles equipped with gutter brushes could provide access to high surfaces without the need to get on a ladder.

No matter if you choose bleach, commercial aluminum cleaner or power washing as the means for stain removal, planning ahead and breaking up the task into sections will make the task more manageable. Each section must be rinsed, applied a solution, scrubbed and then wiped down before moving on to the next. Depending on how serious the staining is this could take hours if not longer!

If your gutters have black streaks, this is likely caused by airborne pollutants and environmental debris accumulating on their surfaces. When exposed to raindrops, these pollutants become electrostatically charged, leading to black streaks on them. For best results, have regular gutter cleanings performed.

Black streaks on gutters can often be removed with a sponge or soft-bristle scrub brush, while for tougher stains a power washer may be required – be sure to set it at a low pressure setting so as not to damage the gutters or surrounding materials.

Aluminum may be resistant to rust, but it still corrodes when exposed to harsh chemicals. When cleaning gutters, always wear protective gloves and eye protection; having someone help can lower your risk of falling off a ladder and injuring yourself further. A piece of plywood placed beneath its feet will ensure greater stability of the ladder; be wary when using power washers not to spray water directly onto areas which might be vulnerable from force of the spray.


Clean gutters can withstand debris and environmental pollutants better. Regular gutter maintenance is key to keeping the outside of your house looking its best and maintaining their integrity; cleaning them often can boost curb appeal while protecting their integrity as well. Scrubbing away grime and black streaks from gutter exteriors is surefire way to make them appear better than ever!

If you prefer not using a power washer, soap and water will do just as well for most aluminum gutters. Just ensure you use non-abrasive brushes, such as soft bristled brushes or melamine foam sponges as metal or steel wool can scratch the surface and damage gutters.

At many big-box home improvement stores, you can also purchase an aluminum gutter cleaner specifically tailored for spray application and rinse off using your garden hose. This product works best at clearing away light stains or dirt buildup in the gutters.

For stubborn stains, more potency cleaning solutions may include bleach. Check the label of any cleaner you purchase to make sure it is suitable for aluminum gutters as some can be harmful; cleaners formulated with ammonia or paint remover should never be used since these could potentially corrode them and ruin their integrity.

White vinegar and water mixtures may also prove useful in eliminating mildew stains from aluminum gutters, providing another viable option to safely and efficiently clean them. You can purchase ready-to-use solutions at most hardware and home improvement stores or DIY a solution yourself using water, white vinegar and dishwashing liquid.

If your aluminum gutters have become stained from regular cleaning efforts alone, professional assistance may be required to restore them back to their former glory. A gutter cleaner can offer deep-clean services to bring them back up-to-snuff as well as advice and recommendations regarding maintenance needs or any necessary repairs that might be required.


Aluminum gutter stains can often be removed using a mixture of bleach and water, applied directly onto their surfaces and left for approximately 10 minutes before being rinsed off with water. If gutters are particularly dirty, soft bristle brushes may need to be used instead for further scrubbing. Furthermore, this solution also works well against mildew stains as an effective mold killer.

For maximum safety when handling bleach, it is advised to wear rubber rain boots and old clothing that you do not mind getting stained with bleach. You will also require setting up a safe staging area where you can work and laying out a large tarp for you to work under. If there are prized landscaping or plants around your house that could become vulnerable due to direct contact with bleach, consider covering them with tarps as protection from being damaged by this chemical solution.

Before applying the bleach solution to your aluminum gutters, first use a damp cloth to wipe them down to remove loose dirt and debris. Then mix together one cup of white vinegar with three gallons of warm water in order to create a cleaning solution with antibacterial properties that helps break down gunk and rust on aluminum gutters.

Once the gutters have soaked for approximately 10 minutes, use a brush dipped in solution to scrub away at any stubborn stains that remain. Be sure to reapply cleaner regularly until all stubborn stains have been effectively eradicated; repeat this process until all stubborn spots have been successfully eliminated.

Once the gutters have been scrubbed, rinse them off with a hose before drying them off with a towel before leaving them to air dry – you should notice that some oxidation is starting to wear away on aluminum gutters.

To save both time and money, consider purchasing a commercial aluminum cleaner designed specifically for this task. Make sure it does not contain ammonia or trisodium phosphate (TSP), as these chemicals may interact negatively with aluminum gutters and cause irreparable damage.