What Can I Say Instead of Wheelchair Bound?

What can i say instead of wheelchair bound

The term “wheelchair bound” or “confined to a wheelchair” is euphemistic, adolescent, sexist and disempowering. It stifles growth in the disability community and preserves problematic ideologies that many activists have been trying to eradicate for years.

Wheelchair users don’t see themselves as confined to their wheelchairs!

They may use a wheelchair to get around but they are still people with their own minds, feelings and opinions. They may have other mobility devices that they don’t use – like a scooter, a skateboard or a bike – that allow them to move more independently than if they didn’t have the wheelchair.

Don’t push or lean on someone’s wheelchair without their consent

A wheelchair is a person’s mobility aid, part of their body and their personal space. If you’re not sure how to help, it’s best to ask them what they need and then offer your assistance.

Keep your language inclusive and respectful of disabled people.

Remember that the words you use can signal much more than you might think. For more information on using inclusive language, check out our Inclusive Language page. If you’re unsure how to describe someone with a disability, contact a trusted source such as a family member, advocate or medical professional who can advise you on the right words.