What Can I Do With Lots of Apricots?

Apricots are a staple of summer, but they can be scarce. If you’re fortunate to live in a region where apricots are in season, you’ll want to be sure to grab a few as soon as they’re available. These small stone fruits taste sweet and tart, and they’re incredibly tender – making them perfect for cooking and baking.

Make Apricot Jam With Dried Apricots

Dry apricots have a thick consistency that makes them excellent for creating a simple jam with. They also have a lot of acidity that makes them perfect for spreading on toast or smearing onto scones and cakes.

Try Brandied Apricots

For a different spin on this classic summer jam, add brandy to the mixture before simmering it down to create a boozy, fruit-infused preserve that’s delicious on its own or in a parfait glass topped with ice cream, as a filling for crepes, or poured over cake.

Serve Fresh Apricots With Honey

As the sun goes down, a fresh-made dessert is often the best way to end the day. This dessert, by pastry pro Johnny Iuzzini, is a perfect match for apricots: roasted apricots and honey pair with chamomile-infused whipped cream to produce a flavorful and calming treat.

Bake A Whole-Wheat Apricot Bread And Spread It With Butter

This hearty, savory bread has a sweet and fragrant apricot filling that makes it a great brunch or lunch dish. It’s also a great accompaniment to chicken, salmon, and turkey for dinner.

Top With Almonds And Chocolate, Or Just Eat Them All

For breakfast or a snack, these gluten-free oat cookies have a lovely apricot flavor that you’ll love. They’re made with a mix of oats, nuts, and dried apricots for extra crunch and texture.

Put Some On A Salad And Enjoy This Easy Side Dish With The Whole Family

When it comes to a quick and satisfying side dish, these roasted asparagus and apricots are a no-fuss, wholesome choice. The apricot glaze hugs the asparagus and makes them perfectly tender, while the apricots add just a little sweetness to this savory and satisfying dish.

If you have leftover apricot preserves from other recipes, use them in this delicious coffee cake recipe! This vegan-friendly cake is a must-make in the summer and has lots of apricot flavor to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Kolaches are a traditional cookie in Hungary, and this one is filled with apricot jam. They are a sweet and tangy treat that are popular during the holiday season.

The apricots in this recipe are not overly sweet and are perfect for those with dietary restrictions. They’re also easy to make and make a delicious dessert to serve at a holiday gathering!

When apricots are in season, they’re the perfect addition to any dessert! From apricot pie to apricot cobbler, these apricot recipes will have you reminiscing of summer nights with family and friends. These apricot desserts are a must-try this year! You’ll be glad you took a few minutes to make them.