What Body Type is Most Attractive to Men?

Researchers have discovered that when men observe women, their gaze often gravitates toward her butt. No matter whether the woman is slim, medium-sized, or plus-size; men typically find this particular proportion appealing.

Women also prefer men with broad shoulders and narrow waists, according to one study. But don’t overdo it as too much muscle can make you appear unhealthy.

Game of Thrones

As any Game of Thrones fan will tell you, even non-fans tend to agree that certain cast members in GOT are hot. Of course, not every character (since everyone dies on GOT), but it can certainly be said that many of the main female characters are stunningly attractive.

Toned is an appropriate word here as it refers to having well-defined, yet non-overwhelming features on one’s body – something many consider desirable when they imagine an attractive person. Toned features may include well-defined but not overly wide features that define one as desirable and sensuous.

Sansa and Margaery are great examples of this; their bodies are attractive enough that they don’t require dresses or hairdos to look their best.

Bradley Cooper

Hollywood celebrities strive to maintain red carpet-ready bodies, and part of this is hitting the gym regularly. Equinox Group Fitness instructor Anja Garcia recently demonstrated how actor Bradley Cooper works out his entire body at Equinox to stay Oscar-worthy fit.

He’s best-known for his roles in The Hangover series, Silver Linings Playbook and A Star Is Born. While his chiseled frame, full head of hair and blue eyes may make him appealing physically, his true strength lies in communicating emotion – when speaking about projects it becomes clear how passionately he cares for them; something which women respond to.

Bradley Cooper has been nominated for an Academy Award in eight films but still hasn’t managed to bring home one. However, that hasn’t stopped him from doing everything possible to secure himself an Academy nod; indeed he’s made various alterations to his appearance so as to gain this nomination.

Back in 2015, actor Bradley was featured by Men’s Health after bulking up to play his role in American Sniper. For the movie that chronicled one Navy SEAL’s experience combat service in Afghanistan, Bradley gained 40 pounds!

His transformation paid off, as in 2017 he was nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars for his performance in A Star Is Born. On the red carpet he shared a sweet photo with co-star Lady Gaga; and they seemed to share great chemistry together during their romantic scene.

Philadelphia native Jason Bateman remains connected with his roots despite his success in filmmaking, often accompanying his mother on red carpet events and awards shows. A diehard Eagles fan, he loves sporting his jersey at games.

While many believe that skinny is the key to an attractive appearance, there are plenty of guys out there who find muscular build very appealing and in some cases may even prefer it over thin frames because muscles will appear better proportioned.

Big and Muscular

Men tend to appreciate women with muscular physiques, particularly around the chest, arms and shoulders. This preference stems from having more muscle mass helping burn fat while improving posture – both factors contributing to attractiveness. Men typically don’t prefer women who sport unnaturally large butts as this looks unnatural and could actually harm health.

Muscles can help your skin appear healthier and younger thanks to increased blood flow and circulation, providing your complexion with that beautiful rosy glow. Plus, working out can boost metabolism and bone density – two health-promoting measures.

Studies have demonstrated that women who possess more muscle have significantly lower stress levels. Another found they had an increase in “good” cholesterol and were therefore at reduced risk for cardiovascular disease. If you want to look and feel healthier, building up muscle mass should be your number one goal.

Notably, women seeking the ideal body type don’t necessarily require having large buttocks or breasts (though many guys find them attractive). What matters more is being strong and healthy; lifting weights is one of the most effective ways of developing all major muscles effectively and creating an attractive physique; even if you aren’t naturally inclined towards lifting, regular trips to the gym and following a nutritious diet will still lead to great results!