What Age Can a Child Babysit From?

The answer to the question, what age can a child babysit from, is not necessarily a simple one. The answer depends on a number of factors, including a child’s maturity level and whether or not they have the skills to take care of another person’s children safely.

Most experts agree that it is generally safe for most tweens and teens to begin babysitting siblings in the late middle school or early teen years. Some parents may choose to wait until a kid is older to start babysitting because they want them to learn how to handle the responsibility and be prepared for any issues that may arise.

Many states do not have laws that specify a certain age for kids to be left home alone, but they do offer guidelines about how old children should be before they can babysit. For example, Kansas recommends that 6 to 9 year-olds can babysit for short periods if they are mature enough.

Illinois, however, requires that children be no younger than 14 to babysit for an extended period of time. Other states have different ages, and it’s best to consult your state’s specific laws for more guidance on what to do when you want your tween or teen to be a babysitter.

How Old Can A Child Babysit from

Leaving a tween or teen to babysit can be a great way for them to get experience caring for other people’s kids and to earn some extra spending money. Some parents even hire tweens or teenagers to help with the chores around the house while they’re at work.

But the responsibility of watching other people’s children can be difficult, and tweens aren’t ready to deal with it for very long. This is why you should only let your tween babysit for shorter periods of time, such as 30 minutes, until they can prove they can be trusted to be responsible and keep their own children safe.

If you’re unsure about what age your tween or teen should be, you can try to find out by asking their friends and family members. Ask them about when they were able to babysit their own younger siblings or other people’s children.

A 12-year-old could technically be ready to babysit, but she probably wouldn’t be able to manage the situation. She might feel overwhelmed, scared and uncomfortable. She might not know what to do when someone breaks into her home or gets hurt, for example.

The most important thing to remember is that a child’s maturity level is much more important than their age. They need to have a sense of self-respect and know their limits, says psychotherapist Ruthie Arbit.

For most kids, this will take some practice and training. They might want to enroll in a course that teaches them how to take care of other people’s children and learn first aid and CPR.

Most of these courses will have a minimum age requirement, so you’ll need to consider your tween or teen’s maturity level before you allow them to become a sitter.