We Ran Out of Medals – Shaxx Quote

we ran out of medals shaxx quote

A famous Shaxx quote is, “We ran out of medals!” In this piece, Shaxx discusses his uncompromising nature, his respect for all classes, and his lack of tolerance for Darkness powers. He also discusses his pride and stubbornness. It is the kind of quote that should be repeated often, especially by players who are a little too proud to admit defeat.

Shaxx’s prideful nature

Shaxx’s prideful nature is a problem that he often fails to overcome. He is seldom willing to admit defeat, despite his many achievements. He once bet Cayde-6 glimmer in return for a victory, only to lose it to Saint-14. He also fell out with Saladin, despite having worked together in the Iron Banner.

However, the event that brings them together also serves as a lesson to both of them. The encounter between the two characters in the cinematic trailer shows the founding of the Last City. Shaxx’s pride can also be seen in his weapons. His sword, Raze-Lighter, is a powerful one.

His uncompromising nature

Shaxx is known for his uncompromising nature, and is proud of it. He rarely accepts defeat, and once had a bet with Cayde-6 that he could never win. After losing that bet, he agreed to train the children at the playground to play dodge ball, and even owed Saint-14 glimmer. However, his ego is not always in check, and he has fallen out with Saladin.

The first time we met Shaxx, he was serving as a Warlord in the Battle of Six Fronts. In one scene, he approached the alien Mithrax, posing the question, “How many times have you killed a human?”. Despite the fact that Shaxx had killed countless humans, he never lost hope.

His respect for all classes

When we ran out of medals, Shaxx was kind enough to admit that he didn’t have a medal for Kill Streak of 50. He then asked for the civilians’ assistance and organized them to follow him. That was an amazing moment.

When we first started the game, Shaxx was a Warlord. He had thrown in with Lord Saladin Forge and Lord Felwinter as a Warlord, and still considered himself that class. In fact, he’s even called himself “Warlord Shaxx” once by Saint-14. He was also very helpful when helping civilians escape from the Cabal’s attack. We even got to save a few of them from Red Legion soldiers.

His lack of tolerance for Darkness powers

Lord Shaxx is the Overseer of the Crucible. He rewards players by giving them reputation which they can use to get engrams and rewards on the track. However, he can get angry if a player’s team has fallen behind in Control and has no way to compensate. He doesn’t like the Festival of the Lost or the obligation to gather candy during the event, and he believes that the Guardians should be focused on fighting the Darkness.

Shaxx takes his responsibilities in the Crucible seriously. He realizes that most players view it as a glorified arena and use it to push their own agenda. However, he is adamant in the way he runs the Crucible. He refuses to compromise his integrity in the Crucible and refuses to listen to others. In one instance, he refused to let Tex Mechanica cheat in the Crucible and even threatened to use Titans on the company’s representatives.