Wayne Smozanek Net Worth

Known for his passion for vehicles, Wayne Smozanek was a well-known racer and monster truck driver. He was a fan favorite, and his net worth was estimated to be at least $1 million when he was alive. However, his passing has left fans devastated.

When he was still alive, Wayne Smozanek was married to Wendy. Together, they had a son named Will Race. Their love for each other began in the early 20s, and they began to date. They dated for six years before they got married. After they got married, they developed a passion for drag racing. They had a team called “Team Tropical Thunder”.

Wayne Smozanek is a native of Jupiter, Florida. He was born on July 14, 1960. He married Wendy in 1994. They had a son, Will Race, who turns 17 on September 23, 2021. The couple’s son, Will, carries his father’s legacy to the “Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings” circuit.

Before getting married, Wendy didn’t like drag racing. She wasn’t really into cars, but when she met Wayne, she realized that he was into drag racing. She became a fan of drag racing and started to watch him drive. In fact, her father, Bill Smozanek, was also a fan of drag racing. During the couple’s dating period, they went on a first date to Olive Garden.

He drove a real monster truck named “Tropical Thunder” on the street. He was a regular at heads-up drag racing events in the south. The team he was part of competed in No Prep Kings and Mega Cash Days. He was one of the members of the 2021 Street Outlaws No Prep Kings tour.

When he was a teenager, Wayne had a love for driving trucks. He was also a huge fan of tuning his vehicle, and had been a member of the OKC street racing scene since he was nine. He was also a vehicle information man. After his death, his heirs received a large inheritance.

Wayne and Wendy both have Florida roots. They attended Palm Beach Gardens High School in 1985. They are both natives of Jupiter, and have lived in the same area all of their lives. They are very close to each other.

When they first met, Wayne was six years older than Wendy. Although they dated for six years, they didn’t get married until 1994. After the couple got married, they developed a business called Performance Center Auto Repair, which evolved into high-performance cars. Their love for vehicles and their passion for drag racing grew. They were able to create a successful business that continues to thrive today.

Wayne Smozanek died on February 12, 2022. His wife, Wendy, stated that he had been in a medical facility for a while, and that his breathing had been difficult for several weeks. He had fought a respiratory illness called COVID-19. In December, he tested positive for the disease. The following day, his wife announced that he had passed away. His death has caused a great deal of sadness among the motoring community.