Waw Reznov Quotes

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In this article, you’ll discover some of Waw Reznov quotes. You’ll learn about Reznov’s brutality and Mason’s relationship with him. You’ll also learn about the brainwashing Mason underwent at the hands of Reznov. Ultimately, these quotes will help you learn about Reznov’s brutality and the horror of the crimes he committed.

Waw reznov quotes

Waw Reznov quotes are inspiring and can be used in a variety of situations. For example, he often writes about his father, who was a musician and played the violin in the night when the Nazis invaded Vorkuta. The Nazis then brutally murdered him while he was asleep, which likely led to Reznov’s inconsolable anger toward the Germans.

Reznov also has a knack for story-telling. He is missing a small part of his right hand, but can use weapons designed for right-handed people. He was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, but grew up in Moscow. In the picture “their land, their blood,” Reznov has his right hand covered with bandages, which can still be used to carry a weapon.

Viktor Reznov’s brutality

“Viktor Reznov’s Brutality” tells the story of the Nazis’ raid on Vorkuta, where Reznov’s father had been playing the violin. The Germans slashed his father’s throat during the night while he slept, which likely contributed to Reznov’s uncontrollable rage towards Germans.

Reznov is a multifaceted character. While brutal, he is also a loyal soldier who believes in the communist regime. He delivers powerful speeches. At one point, he scolds Private Chernov for not being as brutal as Reznov. The moment the two men are killed, Reznov is incredibly loyal to Dimitri Petrenko and the Russian cause.

Mason’s relationship with Reznov

Alex Mason has a complicated relationship with Reznov. They met at Harvard, where Mason studied biochemistry. Reznov had no medical background, but he had angst over scientists using humans as test subjects. Mason owed his life to Reznov. Reznov told Mason to jump on a train to freedom. “For you, Mason,” he said. Reznov also drove a truck to keep the pursuing soldiers away from Mason, but he was eventually shot in the head.

Mason and Reznov’s relationship was complicated by their history. Mason believed that Reznov was dead for five years, but he had been brainwashed into believing that he was alive. As a result, Reznov acted as Mason’s bodyguard and accomplice during their time in the gulag. He manipulated Mason into completing personal objectives to kill Dragovich, Kravchenko, and Steiner. As a result, Mason became obsessed with them, believing that they were real.

Mason’s brainwashing by Reznov

The story revolves around Reznov, a ghost who appears to help Mason complete his mission. As a brainwashing agent, Reznov is determined to take revenge on Mason’s father, who was murdered by the Mujaheddin. After Mason destroys the underwater broadcast station, Reznov congratulates him and thanks him for finishing the mission.

Reznov’s brainwashing program caused Mason to develop dissociative disorders and dream of assassinating Dragovich and Dragchenko. Mason and Hudson are sent to the underwater submarine base that protects Rusalka, where they plan to kill the leaders of the Vorkuta. They then call in the United States Navy to destroy Rusalka.