Waheguru Quotes

waheguru quotes

If you want to learn the truths of life, you need to know about Waheguru. This omniscient being is higher than both Shiva and Vishnu, and He watches over you and protects you from harm. In the words of Waheguru, if you put in hard work, you will reap the benefits.

Waheguru is above Shiva and Vishnu

The name of Waheguru comes from the words “vahe” and “guru.” It means “wonderful ecstasy” and is used to describe the state of praising the Lord. Guru Nanak introduced the practice of Satnam Waheguru to the world, which is a kind of homage to the Lord. Aurangzeb broke the promise he made to the Guru to ensure his safety. This angered the Guru and he was killed.

According to Sikhism, the name Waheguru is above Shiva and Vishunu. This is because Waheguru is a formless primordial being and is above Shiva and Vishnu. Sikhism also rejects idolatry.

He is omniscient

The Waheguru is aware of all of the activities in this world. As such, he will take action when the time is right. He will also explain the purpose of the tribulations we endure when they come to us in due time. The purpose of the tribulations in life is to teach us how to fight the demons alongside Waheguru, who is eternally aware. We should not give up our prayers, as they will be answered.

Waheguru is an omniscient, self-revealing being. In other words, he is necessary, immanent within the world, transcendent of all creation, and eternal. His presence is felt in all creation as the divine spark of each being. By studying the Ten Gurus, we can become more familiar with Waheguru.

He watches over you

If you look at the sea, you’ll see that it’s filled with innumerable kinds of flora, fauna, and plankton. There are hot and cold water currents and a variety of different bottom levels, so you can’t fully understand the properties of the water. Similarly, your soul is like the water and cannot understand its properties.

According to Sikh teachings, there are 8,400,000 forms of life in the universe. This means that your soul has to travel through many different forms of life before it reaches Waheguru.

He protects you

Waheguru is like the sea – it has a variable bottom, waves of different heights, hot and cold currents, and innumerable species of flora and fauna. It is not possible for a drop of water to comprehend all of these aspects. Similarly, our souls reflect Waheguru but cannot fully understand him or her.

In Sikhism, the word Waheguru refers to Almighty God, Sustaining Soul, and Supreme Soul. It literally means “Wonderful Lord.” In the Gurmukhi language, God has many names, but Waheguru is the most common and most significant one. The other common names for God are Vahiguru and Hari. Vahiguru, which means “remember Ram”, is also used to invoke the Divine, but isn’t as important as the word Waheguru.

He is always there for you

The love of Waheguru never leaves. He hears your prayers, accepts them, and responds in full faith. You don’t have to be a saint or a guru to receive this love, it is always available to you. You can turn to others to seek His help, or turn to him yourself.

It’s a good idea to pray to Waheguru in happy and sad times. Praying to him will give you the strength and respect you need to fight life’s battles. He’s the master key that opens all doors in life, including the ones that seem closed to you.