Vsauce Net Worth – Michael David Stevens

Known for his popular YouTube channel Vsauce, Michael David Stevens is an American writer, public speaker and comedian. He was born in Kansas City, Missouri on January 23, 1986. His parents are chemical engineers. He attended Blue Valley High School in Overland Park. He later studied English Literature and Psychology at the University of Chicago. During his studies, he developed an interest in video editing.

In 2007, Stevens joined YouTube as a host and editor, and released video game-related content. In 2010, he began his own channel. He then added explanations of science and culture. He is a prolific producer, editor, writer, and public speaker. In addition to his videos, he is also active on social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He has 1.2 million Twitter followers, and 549K Facebook followers. His videos have been featured in online news publications.

He has spoken at the Edinburgh International Television Festival and the YouTube Fan Fest. He has given two TED talks. Currently, he and his wife, Marnie, live in Los Angeles. They have a daughter, Maeve. They have been married since 2016. In 2010, Stevens moved to New York City. He later worked in London as a content strategist for Google.

He has appeared on screen with Todd Womack and Amber Lee Ettinger. He is also a writer, actor, and motivational speaker. He has been working on a documentary titled Mind Field. He has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award and a Streamy Award for Best Science and Education Series. He has been a member of the Bearded Nun comedy TV show. He has received a Best of Reddit 2013 award for Bad Vibes.

He was raised in Stilwell, Georgia. He earned degrees from the University of Chicago. He has lived in Stilwell and Overland Park. He is of Dutch-Germanic ancestry. He has an average build and bald head. He was born in the zodiac sign Aquarius. His parents were teaching assistants and chemical engineers.

He has also worked as an editor, public speaker, and video producer. His videos have garnered over two billion views. He has been featured in a documentary, TEDxVienna, and a YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014. He has been named a “Motivational Speaker” by Time magazine. He has been a speaker at the TEDActive conference and at the 2015 YouTube Fan Fest.

He has a net worth of over $3.2 million. He is estimated to earn between $21 million and $25 million in 2022. He has two other YouTube channels, which he co-owns with Kevin Lieber. He has over 16 million subscribers to his channel. He has also been featured on the television program Good Morning America, and has been interviewed for the New York Times. He has been on several national radio shows. He is a popular Internet celebrity. He has an incredibly charismatic personality.

He has a bald head and brown eyes. He stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall, and weighs 77kgs.